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Mind Control Plus DE testing on humans plus Murder

I wanted to say something about the issue of mind control.  We supposedly know what mind control is.  Like a crystal, you can examine it from many different angles, top to bottom and see more than one facet in it.  In fact most issues are more complicated than they first appear or we are told they are.
Looking at the targeting from the aspect of an observer having undergraduate degrees in biology and electronics engineering technology, it sure looks and feels (to me) a lot like testing Directed Energy Weapons on human subjects.  Also, in the bioethics committee public commentary, Dr. John Hall stated that it was mind control, but it looked more like weapons testing.   Remember, This program` of torture is not just one thing.  It can be looked at from different aspects that fit together and don't change the other.  The mind control and human testing with DEW can hold up separately or together and each have their own story to tell. 

The FBI convicted Al Capone of Tax-evasion and not racketeering and murder as one would expect, because they couldn't get mob charges to stick.  Whether that story is true or not it's a good example.   Some people are stubbornly insisting this torture program` is mind control and cannot be anything else, are out of touch.  It certainly can be something else in addition to mind control.  By the purist logic, you would have to deny that it could be murder in addition to mind control.  But don't we know murder when we see it?  We don't need some expert telling us that this program` is murder, to know it's murder.  So here we can see that the program` in addition to mind control is mind control plus murder.  It is time have an open mind, to look at a new paradigm:: Mind Control plus Energy Weapons testing on human subjects plus murder.   

Do you see how the murder fits with both mind control and human test subjects?  In both cases, the Targeted Individuals and human test subjects need to be gotten rid of, so both hold up to being grouped together in the same crime.  

My point is:
  • It looks like human testing
  • It feels like human testing
  • There exists human testing (see Air Force Biotesting links below)
in addition:
  • There is motive    (there is big money` in it)
  • There is opportunity   (it is going on and on going)
  • There is evidence of Biotesting  (we are the evidence, if anyone will look)
All that is needed to say that we are human test subjects is that the program` looks a hell of a lot like DE weapons testing.  That's it!!  Think about what reporters do when they print a story.  They make bold factual statements and tell what it looks like..  They talk about something that is deserving of an  investigation, as a crime, even though no one is yet convicted.  The Air Force has dropped $49,000,000 into human testing with DE weapons.  They filled in the MOTIVE portion of the torture program`, to make it torture for a reason.  It doesn't change the fact that the handlers need to keep us under control.  Wouldn't human test subjects need handlers.  It is such a horrendous crime in the first place, broadening its scope might make it look worse, but I assure you it will make it easier to deal with.

Logically, we can see that testing DEW on humans is not a great idea.  There would be medical issues and law suits that would make testing on human subjects cost prohibitive if it were done in accordance with existing laws.  But what if they were willing to break the law and not do human research on willing, consensual human test subjects but on non consensual human test subjects?  Then it isn't cost prohibitive anymore.  There are no transportation costs, food, housing and medical expenses are reduced to zero.  In fact, it is even cheaper that lab animal testing now isn't it (no food and housing cost).  The only expense in common with human testing and animal testing is the cost of handlers, both need handlers.  

Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR) - BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002 (Archived) - Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities

$49,000,000 contract award in April 2013 to study biological effects of Directed Energy Weapons on Humans.   Business opportunity??

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