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Sunday, September 7, 2014


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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Note no touch torture log for Jul 30 thru Aug. 10, 2014

6:34pm 304/ 60747
320/ 50464
Sat s 45d
Sat ne 80d
Cell twr e 20deg safeway lot
7:16 Handler can multiplex quickly between weapons in 302, 320, 329, sat so 45deg, sat se 80deg. Sats stay on when I measure. I took some pics.  Handler multiplexing between weapons at will, I believe only one handler with 3 or 4 accomplices in houses listed
304 50s man 5'10" gry hr  gry brd
320 5' 9" Frank 50s gr hr gry brd is gay has partner
7:38p stomac gurgling loudly from beam to colon
Handler got on duty at 7:00p

10:09pm im really baffled how the people around me can let psychopaths put weapons in there houses. I detect the signal comming from several of the houses around me.  They must be getting payments from the handler.
320, 329, 304

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some Targeted Individual Tests Are Dr.Mengele Like Sterilization/Desensitization Human Eugenics Experimentation

I have come to believe that some of the procedures done to us as Targeted Individuals (TI), are in fact surgical procedures performed on us.  These Electromagnetic Weapons they use on us are in fact Less Than Lethal Weapons.  Some of them are capable of projecting a beam of energy that can be tuned to the resonant frequency of a specific object or structure in the body.  That structure will resonate and heat up to the point where it will be destroyed, even vaporized.  Therefore this apparatus can also be used by a skilled surgeon to perform life saving surgeries on patients anywhere on the earth, remotely.