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Friday, April 25, 2014

Elder Abuse Perpetrated by Mr. David Shurter on James Lico and separately on My Room Mate

This letter outlines the events and chronology of what happened in March and April of 2014.
I knew Mr. Shurter from a Human Rights and Human Trafficking advocacy group and people in that group where I go to for support.  Mr. Shurter surprised everyone in the group by leading us to believe he was understanding and directly supported our issues and then pulling the rug out from under me.  He took financial advantage of me and then had me illegally removed and illegally evicted from his house after I paid 1800.00 @$600/month rent way in advance plus $360 for his furniture and his food.  This is the second time this type of thing has happened to me.  Elder Abuse is a crime and Washington State has statutes on the books to enforce laws pertaining to Elder Abuse.  Again, Mr. Shurters actions are illegal and the eviction is illegal.

NTT Torture Log for 4-20 to 4-25-14

America has a tremendous sociopath problem.  People who used to be restrained by the threat of law, now run rampant. In order to reign them in, we must broadcast their names and addresses world wide so they can never escape, are never alone and will never have peace once they have proved themselves to be torturers of men.  At least one whole generation of our young people has been exposed unrestrained crime against their fellow man.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Was Subjugated As A Threat To Others Through Human Trafficking Protocol Done To TI's

I was sick last Tuesday and had to go to the hospital due to severe abdominal pains and later found I needed emergency surgery to remove kidney stones.  My room mate (David Shurter) called after I arrived via ambulance to tell the hospital social workers that I threatened him and all his neighbors with a GUN.  I called him to ask WTF is wrong with him and he hung up the phone and called the hospital social worker again to say had just threatened his life again (again .. not true).  I dont know if Mr. Shurter is a full fledged perp and receiving money for subjugating me.  I was held on 72 hour hold but actually held in the hospital for 6 days (they say weekends don't count towards 72 hours!).  

The psychiatric industry is used to subjugate targeted individuals (TI's).  I wrote the following article on targeting of individuals and it explains some of the story.

Monday, April 7, 2014

NTT Torture Log For Sun. 4-6 to 4-7-14

all day attacking the joints in my hands (thumbs mainly), thighs, penis, lower abdomen.  My hands felt
like they had been worked over with a hammer.  handler was operating from SE with a portable weapon at ground level.  The injuries feel like torture to the TI's but they really are weapons testing for Air Force Contracts.

The Silent Holocaust and the death of Targeted Individual #TI Susan Watkins

I was reading about the death of Targeted Individual #TI Susan Watkins

I was just thinking about the concept of suicide and what would drive one to suicide.  I believe the torture that these handlers dish out is enough to drive one to suicide.  For instance, right now my intestines are being radiated with ELF.  ELF makes the nerves numb and non functional.  For instance my hands are sometimes ELF'd and they freeze and do not respond to commands to move in any way.  My tail bone and the ends of my toes are being ELF'd and these things are very painful and uncomfortable, making living a kind of night mare, except that I am awake.  I can't get away from these signals really and am at the mercy of the current handler.  Unless you know what these people are like, It's hard to appreciate exactly what I am saying.
These handlers are relentless:
Activists are targeted as a result of the emerging police states efforts to limit dissent

Thursday, April 3, 2014

NTT torture log for 04-03-2014

Thurs. 6:31pm I am sitting at home and being tortured with a beam to my brain.  The handler is causing inflammation and thermal expansion to my brain.  This is extremely painful and I ask the handler if he has ever experienced this.  The handler can hear what I say and see what i see, but they don't talk to me.  I guess they think hurting American Citizens in their homes is fun.  The United States Government turned over the use of Non Lethal Weapons to the Department of Justice who in turn gave them to Law Enforcement and some private companies to use.  When you consider that a person must have psychopathic tendencies to hurt people with these weapons, what does that say about our government.