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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Targeted Individual description of my targeting

By: James Francis Lico
I just finished regestering with (European Coalition Against Covert Harassment).  This sounds very promising as a means of networking and collectivizing our numbers into a cohesive unit for increasing our collective voices.

European Coalition Against Covert Harassment | EUCACH.ORG

European Coalition Against Covert Harassment | EUCACH.ORG

Targeted Individual letter to elected representatives goes unanswered

By: James Francis Lico

I wrote the following letter to all members of the city council of Big Bear City, CA and my elected representatives, complaining of attacks with electromagnetic weapons.  The trajectory of some of the attacks puts the source locations at some of my neighbors houses and also from cell phone towers.  The reason I know this is because I have a directional meter which tells me both direction and elevation of the signal source.

Psychopathic torturers need to register with police, just as sex offenders do

I still am amazed how many people will approached by someone with some misplaced authority, who may very well be an imposter, who will tell people, present phony credentials and then tell lies about a Targeted Individual and get them to turn on someone who is innocent of wrong doing.  I remember watching a tv reality show where

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Targeted Individual Exposure To Chemical Attacks (new dangers from old news)

I told you about chemical attacks in previous posts.  As a targeted individual, I am subjected to chemicals on a regular basis, so it's only natural to wonder what is in the chemical that is put on my body by the perps. It has been on my mind lately and wanted to share what I discovered.    I have undergraduate degrees in biology, electronics and computer science, so that gives me some insights and so I make observations.

Is COINTELPRO Back Using Organized Gang Stalking?

Target individuals of gang stalking and mind control around the world
Is COINTELPRO Back Using Organized Gang Stalking?
(by targeted individual Bonnie Calcagno)

Imagine what it is like to be stalked by 20, 30, or 40 people a day, to have one of them there when you leave your house in the morning, there when you come home at night. That is what organized gang stalking targets go through. They are stalked at intersections, in parks, in stores, as they walk along streets, as they enter or exit buildings, everywhere they go. Now imagine that this organized gang stalking happens not for one day or for a week or for a month, but for years.

Monday, May 27, 2013

My targeting started while I worked at Lockheed Martin Marietta

It took awhile for me to figure out a common link to many Targeted Individuals.  To a psychopath, targeting someone makes perfect sense to someone who thinks of other people as mere objects.  I think the torture phase of my targeting may have been by my former girlfriend.  She had a double life, where she would have sex parties during the day and act normal when I got home.  Psychopaths can't contain a secret like that forever and when it starts to unwind they have to bail out and turn the unwitting spouse into a targeted individual.  

Howard Zinn – Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at

Howard Zinn – Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at

Howard Zinn Quotes - Bing Images

Howard Zinn Quotes - Bing Images

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Twitter / Twitter buttons

Twitter / Twitter buttons

log for Wednesday, 5/22/2013

log for Wednesday, 5/22/2013 
The house on the south side of 821 Fir Lane, Big Bear City CA 92314 has no number, but should be the next odd number 823.  I am told that a disabled old lady lives there, but there have been many scruffy looking characters in and out of there.  Two of them I mentioned about two weeks ago.  They just do not belong.  They say they are there to help the lade get dressed and eat and go to the bathroom.  They are out of place and unfit for this.  Anyway, when they are there, I can feel and measure electromagnetic radiation coming from that direction.  It apparently goes through Twilla's house.  As I said before, both of them threatened to beat me up.  Today they are back again and I can feel and measure EM radiation from that direction.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

log 5/15/2013

5/15/2013  a sonic beam weapon is being aimed at my face from a satellite according to my meter.  This started around noon today.  

Yesterday they targeted my prostate.  
I do know that my vision has gotten worse to the point where I am using the most powerful reading glasses I can buy and also I am impotent.  I am sure it was these weapons that caused those disorders and probably others I am not yet aware of.  

I imagine the difference in torture between torturing me in my home and torturing other people at say, Guantanamo bay is that I am tortured when I eat and during toilet times (there is no let up).

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Obama's secret targeted individual killing program, ACLU lawsuit - National Human Rights |

Obama's secret targeted individual killing program, ACLU lawsuit - National Human Rights |

Obituary for Targeted Individual Sean Stinn who died suddenly

Biomedical Targeted Individual dies suddenly - National Human Rights | Obituary for Sean Stinn.
The reason for the torture of Targeted Individual is incorrectly termed experimentation or testing, but in actuality one of the purposes is "Torture Tolerance Testing".  This is a crime against humanity.  This type of testing, would not be permitted in a normally functioning society.  In a functional democracy, there would be an investigation and the perpetrators would be brought to justice.

letter notifying Big Bear City Council Members of Torture Tolerance Testing on me as a local resident of this community

James F Lico
817 Fir ln.
PO Box 1641
Big Bear City, CA 92314-1641
PH#(909) 291-4306

Dear Big Bear City Council member,

I am a 61 year old man living in Big Bear City.  The reason I am writing to you today is because I am under 24/7 surveillance and tortured with Microwave and other electromagnetic radiation from classified military grade Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).  This torture happens mostly inside my home, but it also happens when I go out as well.  Further, I am a victim of organized stalking. 

 I am not a crackpot and I know what I am talking about.  I have college degrees in computer science, biology and electronics.  I am not talking about mysterious theories.  The technology used has been in use for at least 20+ years and is all off the shelf hardware.

I am a member of the human rights organization: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. Please copy/paste link in browser :

Link to Dr. Robert Duncan's book (copy/paste in browser)

Link to open letter to 15 thousand officials throughout the U.S. (copy/paste in browser)
 There tens of thousands of people in this country being subjected to the same treatment of torture as I am and they are called Targeted Individuals all with identical symptoms.

This does not come as a big surprise to many people who know about this system of barbaric and inhumane physical and mental torture.   This program of physical and psychological torture is done for the purpose of "Torture Tolerance Testing", where the goal is to break the target financially, mentally and physically, until the target either kills him/her self, or dies from induced illness, stroke, heart attack or cancer.  This in no way can be considered research, medical or otherwise.  The use of torture is illegal, therefore making this program a human rights violation.  Only a tyrannical and nonfunctional Government would view it otherwise.

Dr. Robert Duncan is an engineer and former DOD, NSA and CIA  engineer who worked on the project and knows how it works.  He has written two books on the subject.  I am submitting a link to a free ebook called "The Matrix Deciphered", which will explain any or all of the program to you.  Again, the torture used is a combination of Organized stalking and DEW abuse.

The weapons I am talking about are classified, military Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).  They are satellite based and cell phone tower based and also there are hand held versions.  The ones that are in cell phone towers are nation wide, but more specifically, they are contained in cell phone towers within Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake.

  The weapons are operated by a person called a handler directing their operation over the Internet through software designed for that purpose.  The handler also directs the organized stalking operations designed to harass Targeted Individuals as they go shopping or to work.

 The handler will sit for hours behind a computer monitor directing the weapons personally to torture American Citizens living in and traveling into and through your communities.  The handler can be anywhere on the Internet, but is usually a member of the community in which the Targeted Individual lives so he/she can direct all aspects of harassing and torturing the target.

This handler, because of the nature of personally inflicting pain and suffering on a target, has the characteristic nature psychopathic personality disorder or sociopathic personality disorder.  This is so because a normal person with normal empathy would be psychologically inflicting torture directly on another human being.  In addition Psychopathic personalities often take perverse sadistic pleasure in their work and therefore actually enjoy inflicting pain on others, which should convey the possibilities for excess built into the system.

Please consider this letter a complaint by me about this crime against humanity.  I demand an investigation into the matter and want this crime perpetrated against me to stop.  I believe the locally installed and hand held weapons would be under your jurisdiction.  

I can be reached at home by telephone (see above)

Sincerely Yours,

James Lico

Gmail - Americans Tortured in the U.S. by Directed Energy Weapons

Gmail - Americans Tortured in the U.S. by Directed Energy Weapons
This is an open letter sent to over ten thousand officials throughout the world.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Activist Post: Air Force to research non-lethal directed energy weapon ‘bioeffects’ to create new exotic weaponry

Activist Post: Air Force to research non-lethal directed energy weapon ‘bioeffects’ to create new exotic weaponry

Boston Bombing Skeptic Stella Tremblay (R-Auburn,NH) Questions 'If' Double Amputee Jeff Bauman Was Hurt

The New Hampshire state legislator who has claimed the federal government is responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing wants to visit a bombing victim who lost both his legs to see if he was in fact hurt in the attack.
State Rep. Stella Tremblay (R-Auburn)said Friday morning on "The Dennis and Callahan Show" on WEEI-FM, a sports radio station in Boston, that she wants to visit bombing victim Jeff Bauman to check on his injuries. Earlier this week

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mind Control

Mind Control

The Swiss Catholic Church has included a page about mind control on its website

by Lissakrhumanelife
30/04/2013 TO THE BISHOPS OF GERMANY The Swiss Catholic Church has included a page about mind control on its website. As long ago as 1994 in Montreux, Switzerland the International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC raised the issue of Psychotronic or Directed-Energy weapons, also at the Geneva Forum in 2002, and also in 2009 [...]