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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Tragedy Of How Targeted Individuals (TI's) Are Chosen And The Purpose For Doing So

The reason I am in the predicament of being a Targeted Individual (TI) may be that someone wanted me to be neutralized.
 However, I am not able to put my finger on any one incident and probably was targeted way before I actually began receiving "torture".  The fact remains that it may be that I am being neutralized for possibly no reason other than human experimentation, or in other words, they needed guinea pigs and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time..  

I try to report my experiences, by reporting in my BLOG, the following:  
Today my handler is trying to make me get in line.  I must have done something to piss him off, but I cant know what that is and I won't fall into that NOWHERE PSYOPS of trying to guess what it is so I can correct my behavior.  Actually I am not afraid of these psychopaths and I don't care what the handler thinks or wants.  The handler is military contractor psychopath hired to keep me NEUTRALIZED (ineffective) by using psychological terror and directed energy weapons.  So we have to go through the dance until the handler is either satisfied or gives up trying to modify my behavior.  

What I just told you is multiplied thousands of times because there are thousands of documented targeted individuals each having at least 3 handlers to neutralize them, taking shifts over a 24 hour period.  Now there has been one documented mass murder by a military contractor (Aaron Alexis)

The handler is very attentive and watches me closely, observing everything I do (and I mean everything).  He gets whatever feedback he can from my voice or computer activity and the visual image of a heat colorized image of me.  

Even though he is a psychopath, he has complete control over an individual target and he will decide how the weapons will be used on the target.   The handler has access to state of the art, LETHAL, CLASSIFIED, Directed Energy Weapons, which can present in two forms.  One is  Microwave  Energy beam which is more diffuse and the second form is SCALAR wave beam which feels like it is about the diameter of a pencil, but can also be diffuse (whole or partial body).  I believe two beams emanates from one weapon.  One is a radar beam to track and stay locked onto the targets neural image and the other is a destructive beam, used to coerce, damage, destroy or otherwise incapacitate/neutralize the target. I believe the weapon used is : Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy systemUS Patent# 7629918 B2 

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG when psychopaths are expected to use High Power Directed Energy weapons on an individual target.  This is especially worrisome since the targeted individuals are mostly innocent victims and not guilty of any crime.  Stacking insult on top of injury the psychopaths are:
  1. They have a stunning lack of empathy
  2. They see their job as a wet dream come true, everyday.
  3. They do not feel remorse for injuring the TI
  4. They show a propensity to have complete control over people
  5. There has been research into what makes these people tick.  They could be sexually abstracted to this type of control and torture and in, there can be any of a host of pathological reasons and manifestations for their predatory nature.  But to understand that their very being is pathological by nature is to take the first step to alleviating the problem.. 
  6. They often have anger management issues and are prone to violent outbursts.
  7. Many of them are predators who use people to fulfill their fantasias, gain money, power, etc. and then discard them when they are through. 
  8. Advances in technology has taken human experimentation out of the Laboratory and into the Living Room.
I could go on, but you can see that the problem is with using JACKALS to guard the chickens.  Then add DE weapons testing BIOEFFECTS on innocent non-consensual human test subjects at the discretion of psychopaths which is illegal, immoral, murder by slow kill and there is a disaster in the making.  These sociopathic people feel it is their job to perpetrate the illegal TORTURE of innocent Americans.  Our law makers need to figure that since the US does not torture then failure to reign in this horrendous problem would make law makers guilty by failure to act.  President Obama's Commission On Bioethics took testimony from many Targeted Individual victims of this crime (TI testimony begins 00:18:00min).  They wanted to be in the know, so we put them in the know.  People are being hurt, people are being tortured and people are being killed.  This is exactly the type of thing that a BIOETHICS COMMITTEE should make it their business to investigate..  

As for the mechanics of one such program to actually do the BIOEFFECTS testing on human subjects was put in place back in April of this year when the Air Force awarded a $49,000,000 to study exactly that.  However they will not be able to find human test subjects who can fulfill the terms of their contract.   

1.)  The US Government has done Illegal research before using Human Test Subjects, like in MKULTRA, et al. and President Clinton personal apologize to victims. in the 1990's

2)   The US Government has the capability to do it again.  (the Air Force BIOEFFECTS contract award to conduct DE BIOEFFECTS testing on Human Test Subjects.)

Basic-IDIQ-SOO.doc (68.50 Kb)
Description: Basic IDIQ Statement of Objectives

3)   Victims have testified before the Bioethics Committee that it is indeed going on every day.

4)   Aaron Alexis has taken the lives of 13 others while he was being attacked by DE weapons.  The evidence is there that he was driven to perpetrate the mass shooting and did not have mental illness, as has been falsely reported.

We can stop this from happening, but we must first acknowledge that it is happening.  One problem is that the people who are running this program are by virtue of taking jobs killing people, need to be identified as the criminals they are.  They have negative preservation mutations and will not stop on their own.  They are enemies of the citizens.  Our enemy is doing this to us and we need to know how to identify their pathologies and capabilities as predators to subjugate, harm and kill American Citizens.   A good documentary film on our common enemy (Psychopaths) is "I AM FISHEAD"
If you haven't watched this movie, YOU NEED TO, because everyone has to be able to at least know who the enemy is and what they are capable of doing to normal people.  Psychopaths and Sociapaths have antisocial personality disorder.  They are characterized by a stunning lack of empathy and lack of caring for other people as well as lack of remorse.  They are the predatory rapists, child molesters and murders who prey on the weak and vulnerable in our society.  IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY, but it doesn't have to stay that way.  There is a book called the "NO ASSHOLE RULE" by Robert Sutton, and other books that says we do not have to have these people among us and will be better off and healthier without them.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? THIS IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW." Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.
This movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.

Total information awareness is no doubt behind the proliferation of directed energy weapons being deployed so thoroughly and so quickly.  The source of these weapons is such that our country is wired in a grid system with the weapons and can be one of the following.  

These weapons (IMO) are deployed in the following ways:
  •  satellites which are in a network orbiting the earth. 
    • Even though there are many satellites, IMO there are not enough, which are in position to follow Targeted Individuals (TI'S) everywhere they go.
  • Cell phone towers.  These weapons are in Cell phone towers all over the country, with one or many in each town or city.   The whole country is wired.  The weaponized cell phone transceivers look similar to standard cell transceivers and use directed energy in the same frequency as the cell phone signals, so as go unnoticed, giving the nationwide network of these weapons the ability to HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT.
    • The reason I can say the weapons probably use the same signal as standard cell phone signals (only with increased power) is because when I am accessed with a weapon, my cell phone which normally had an extremely poor signal, was maxed to FULL signal bars, which allowed me an excellent voice and data connection.  Even now, after canceling my phone service, my phone was accessed and updated via a full signal.  My handler even breaks into my service orphaned phone and pulls up websites and sends me customized messages designed to put the TI on edge.  In fact their whole program is designed to keep the TI in a constant state of dis-ease and terror.  It is impressed upon the TI that there is no escape and acceptance of their virtual prison is the only way to survive in the short term. 
    • The weapons in cell phone towers link the towns and cities via the highway and road system.  They are a filler for the satellites which have tracking and weapons that will work anywhere in the world, if they are in position.  I have heard about total control all over the globe and this weapons system is a major part of that.  They follow every major highway and can follow targets who may travel anywhere throughout the country.  Satellites fill in when TI's move out of range of Cell towers.
  • The third source of weaponized control over TI's is psychopaths with hand held or portable DE weapons.  
    • They typically use portable weapons in their home which must be in close proximity to the targets living area.  They can use portable weapons when a personal touch is needed, or when the target is not in close proximity to any of the fixed weapons.
Also, If this all sounds far fetched, buckle in because this is all off the shelf technology, in use today.  The reason we are still kept in the dark about this weaponry and the fact that they are using it on American Citizens, is because they are using the SECRECY STAMP to cover up a lie.  This is nothing new, but it has already been ruled illegal to use a secrecy classification to hide illegal acts.

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