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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NTT-Torture Log for Wednesday, October 30 2013

I am being microwaved all day today and it is pretty intense.  The psychopaths here at the apartment building where I live had a psyops (street theater) party for me.
I think they enjoy doing those and it tells me what they are thinking.  It seemed like they were trying to railroad an arrest for me as they actually called the police (cop car showed up [off duty?]) and went through this as if it were scripted like a movie set.  I am talking to Person A who is known to me happens to be standing with a group that disperses as I walk up and he remains.  His story now is that he is hearing the same pounding noises and table moving noises that I hear coming from the apartment above mine only he lives in another seperate building.  Then Person B shows up on queue and introduces himself as someone who is in security and just happens to have $3000 worth of ANTI surveillance hardware.  The end of the skit was when he had to go talk to the police after it was apparent I would not cause a scene or after scaring me enough.  They did all of that in the short time it took me to smoke a cigarette!

Everything tells me that they expected me to believe what I saw.  These people are so weird and they are so full of psyops that truthfully, you don't know what to believe.  Maybe they are just fooling themselves :).  They are spending a lot of money on these people though and I think that is the main reason for the amount of participation.  Unscrupulous people gravitate to the money and do not care what they are doing to hurt people or are lying to themselves. 

Anyone could see through these people if there were to be an investigation.  They are not even trying to hide this.  They are microwaving right through others apartments, like they don't care who else they hit.  Also, there are many more people targeted than actually know they are targeted.

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