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Saturday, November 2, 2013

NTT torture log for Saturday, November 2nd 2013

Today it is 5:45am and my handler is beaming the finger tip of my right index finger as I navigate my computer.
 He thinks it is funny and interesting how I will continue to put it down on the mouse each and every time I get burned again.  He is wondering how much burning of my finger it will take before I stop using the computer.  But the more important question is -
What will it take to get the handler to stop burning my finger.  some of you already know the answer and some are just learning.  

I live at 9240 2nd Avenue SW, Seattle WA 92106,9240+2nd+Ave+SW+%23200,+Seattle,+WA+98106&gl=us&ei=TPN0Utz7C8HCywGpsIDYCg&sqi=2&ved=0CCwQ8gEwAA

It is the Large L shaped building (D) and I think my handler lives in the building to the right of it (C).  They are like jackals and move into where the TI is so they can be close.  When I first moved in, some of them were here but not organized.  They already target others who live here at the Arrowhead Garden Apartments.

I would say about a dozen old people are involved in the core group.  They will ellicit the help of others in the surounding community to help them, which could bring the number of organized stalkers to a hundred.  I have seen city workers, cops, homeless people join in on this.  All of them get some kind of payment from this process.  They are on the lab animal money train and they don't know how to get off.

This is their job to watch other old people and play tricks on them and keep track of them for the security of our nation.  Do they believe The Security of America depends on old people watching old people at a senior living center.  Some of these watchers get housing assistance and they will not have to report the extra WATCHER income they get.  The WATCHERS all talk about how much they needed the extra income.   It is good that the watchers get this new income now that the food stamp program is being cut.  We have substituted WATCHER income for unemployment insurance and food stamps and welfare and other money to finance the safety net.  

Now the people who play tricks are playing the pounding game which is to pound on the floor which sounds at first like someone is walking heavily on the floor above mine.  But soon expands to walking excessively heavily which expands to pounding with feet or hands.  The object of this is to drive me crazy by adding this to the psychological and physical torture mix I am receiving.

Now they are earning money and are as organized as they will get.    I go through this each time I move into a new place.  You find out where the handlers and the stalkers are, but I can't do anything about it.  These are people with no integrity, unscrupulous.  They are the type of people that you would not want to know.  I can see them hanging out in the same group.  Last night at the Halloween party they all sat at the same table.

  They are OK with using me as a LAB animal and may have been told I need to be kept under surveillance for whatever reason.  They probably are not told that I am being tortured to death because that is the deliverable for the Air Force contract to test BIOEFFECT of Directed Energy (DE) weapons.

It is the end of the day and the handler was burning me and microwaving me all day.  I went out to Fred Meyer to buy a new pair of glasses for distance and he burned my left thigh muscles and my my left kneecap while I was in the store.  I have shielding all around but he manages to get through to burn my fingers and hands.  Every time I move them he is right there again.  This is in addition to the microwaving.  This man must be insane I think and then I remind myself he is a psychopath and this is his job and he is entrusted with these classified military directed energy weapons.  What a job description this must be.  God help us all when psychopaths are put in charge of using directed energy weapons on human beings.  We are doomed.

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