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Sunday, November 17, 2013

NTT-Torture Log for Sunday, Nov. 17 2013

*traumatic injury to right hand while eating spaghetti, holding fork in my right hand.  They are big on the traumatic injuries.  This morning it was my forearm muscles in both arms.

*thought I would masturbate in the shower.. Everyone does, but the handler  stopped me with beam weapon to left side and then to the left kidney sharply and steadily.

*these are just two more things to remember.  These people need to be entertained after-all.  funny how you realize after the fact all of a sudden that you were talking to your handler.

There is nothing and I mean nothing my handler will not interrupt to torture me.  He is trying very hard.

At 10:15pmPST I am being microwaved on an elevated setting probably as punishment for using shielding.  Make sure you are ready for them to try to go around the shielding.  I don't have enough now.  I covered under the couch where I am sitting on only part way and they have a portable weapons on the second floor (205D probably, but could be lower) aiming up through the floor under the couch.  They moved it to the side so they could get past the shielding.  The handler will get his psychopath friends to come in and get me with portable weapons from different directions.  Problem with that is they never leave.  I guess they are all getting paid and must be costing thousands per DAY (your tax dollars at work).  They had someone in the apartment right above mine and were making noise from there.  The Microwaving is getting heavier now.  Now I believe my handler is operating out of the apartment above mine.  This is a Seniors only apartment complex at 9240 2nd AVE SW APT 305D, Seattle WA 98106 "Arrowhead Garden Apartments" (google if you want, they have a web site).  Supposedly only seniors and disabled live here.  These people are radiating right through others residences to get me.  I know that they are accessing other seniors and most do not know they are being controlled.

The reason I can be so sure about direction is because I have a meter that shows direction.  Everyone can get this meter that I have and I can tell you it helps immensely to know direction of torture signal.  It won't measure scalar waves but scalar waves come from the same direction as the microwave signal (clue).  Also, the microwave torture beam has telephone signals and data riding on it (hidden in plain sight *CLUE*).   Back to meter.. It is a Samsung Gallaxy Note 10.1.  I got it because they broke my computer and this can get internet.  I found it was very similar to my phone which I suspected was true and my phone was a Samsung Gallaxy S II which has meter capabilities.  The software I use is FREE, so the only cost is for the phone or tablet (a Samsung TAB works too and is cheaper/smaller tablet).  It works as a meter because it has Three EMF sensors in the top edge.  These sensors measure separately the X Horizontal plane, the Y Vertical Plane and Z Diagonal Plane.. readings. A fourth White line is the composite reading of the x, y, z lines and you can disregard it.  Also, disregard the numerical readings.  So far I have found them very unreliable, maybe later you will find a use for them.  When the lines which represent each of these x, y and z sensors all come together to form a single line, you are at maximum signal and the meter is pointing at the source for both horizontal and vertical direction.  The top edge with sensors is where the front camera and microphone is.  Notice in the video that the two outside lines move abruptly inward, this is the handler trying to move the lines by increasing or decreasing the signal, this is normal.  You will have to imagine I found a signal and all the lines coming together, because they turned the signal off so I could not record it.
  I can drive right up to a cell tower that is irradiating me!

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