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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NTT Torture Log for Wednesday November 6th 2013

Hi Folks.  Its High Blood Pressure time again: 148/100 mmHg HR=98 B/min. I am being irradiated and it is  elevating my heart rate and blood pressure.
 I used an OMRON BP762 portable blood pressure monitor.  It usually works fine and it stores readings from prior days.  The time is an hour fast and the local time was 8:43pm on 11/06/13.  I am going to the doctor tomorrow.  I have told my doctor about the targeting before and I don't think she believed me at the time.  If she does not come around, I will switch doctors.  I have had a doctor who believed me in the past.  To counter this I will use shielding and I have some meds that should work plus shower plus relax.  I take BP med daily and have already taken that.

I should not be having high blood pressure episodes and when I do it is important to get it under control asap.  The psychopathic handler is using my hypertension and heart rate as a weapon to kill me via heart attack or stroke (NSA SUICIDE), by using the weaponry he has access to.  If I were to die, a doctor would rule it as death by natural causes whether it was from heart attack or stroke.  By documenting this I am saying that even though it looks like normal, it definitely is not normal.
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