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Monday, November 25, 2013

NTT Torture Log For Monday November 25th 2013 And Previous Day

Targeting from Monday November 25th 2013 and previous day
The day began somewhat aggressively with the woman in D405 pounding with her foot.  I was still angry about last night and I responded with pounding on the ceiling of my apartment.
 She answered back but less enthusiastically, to which I repeated the pounding.  Deborah, my guest until she finds her own place was chastising me for making too much noise.  Somewhere along the line, the woman in D405 got the hint and the pounding let up for now. She will not complain or hasn't yet, because she is doing this to me.  Torture was lighter during the day.

It is 10:00pm now and I had to take a shower to wash off chemicals to reduce microwaves conductance.  Microwaves just started now and I can hear the characteristic droning as it ramps up and down.

Targeting from Sunday November 24th 2013
This morning I detected a new source from the "C" building 4th floor, across the courtyard from my apartment.

They are hurting my brain with a beam weapon.

The woman in 405D has a psychopathic personality.  She is torturing me all the time.  The reason I know that she is doing it all the time is because of her signature pounding on the floor of her apartment.  

moving my right hand up near my face sometimes causes the handler to injure my hand.  This is supposed to mimic a normal injury.  This process by the handler is replayed often.    the handler will position the beam at a spot where he thinks i will move a part of my body to and has the weapon set up and the resonant frequency already dialed in so that he can fire as soon as what he is expecting occurs.  The outcome is that I receive a sharp pain as I move my hand up to my face.  There is no doubt some psychological notes are taken regarding how this modifies my behavior in moving my hand near my face.  Naturally this psychotic scheme works best if the target is unwitting.  

In the evening, I tried to go to bed at 11:00pm and noticed my heart beating faster and my blood pressure going up, which I can tell when it goes high.  I got up and took my blood pressure 183/103 HR93.  I took a shower to remove any chemical electrolyte and my BP started to go down.  I cleaned chemicals off of panels and kitchen area.

From that point, the handler began torturing me in a overtly more aggressive manner.  For comparison, before the torture was 5 and after the torture was 9 of 10.  The handler was using ELF and microwaves.  He was hitting me in my hands, arms, body and brain with a beam so that I felt like I was being beaten up with a ball peen hammer.  I took Advil to reduce inflammation, but he would not let me sleep, even though I was exhausted.  This was some of the worst torture I have endured.  This surely was punishment for some perceived wrong or inconvenience done to the handler.  Either that or this was a hit man handler or someone new who was going to show me who is boss.  I am not afraid of these people and will take whatever they have to dish out including death.
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