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Sunday, November 3, 2013

NTT-Torture Log for Sunday, November 3rd 2013

Friends tell me that these psychopaths follow them right into the hospital and torture them there when they get sick.  What is there to look forward to.
 What is the big penchant with making us so depressed and despondent and tortured that we feel it necessary to take our own life rather than put up with one more day of torture.  The TI is made to feel as though they have nothing, they are nothing and they have nothing to look forward to.  If that is not enough, they are tortured constantly and kept from sleeping.  Is it any wonder why there are mass shootings in this country.  I am surprised there are so few as there are.  Really, I know that people are kept right on the edge and made to break down or break out.

The psychopaths are actually looking for that BREAK as their goal for gods sake. Aaron Alexis was just the tip of the iceberg and now The LAX Shooter looks like he is a good possibility for a TI, I am just waiting on information before decision.  We had minimal mass shootings before 911 and now they are commonplace and growing in frequency.  The government may have to pay closer attention to more than the psychotic nature of the shooters.  If they are targeted, then they are shooters on a shelf and could go off at anytime the psychopaths want them to go off.  What about the psychotic nature of ignoring an epidemic that is going on right in plain sight and everyone in charge is doing back flips to ignore it.
   It couldn't be a big surprise to the psychopaths that this happens after all.  They are like someone prodding an animal with a sharp stick, eventually it will break out or break down.  So many know about this but still everyone acts like it is a mystery and a conspiracy theory.  Really, thousands of people are being tortured to death and it is a mystery.  One engineer at my apartment would come away with all the evidence necessary, but because TI's are automatically insane, that will not happen (and the psychopaths just laugh and laugh).

It is 1:15am and even though I am tired and need sleep, the handler is burning my fingers and my hands and the muscles on my left side above my hip bone and my toes.  No matter where I put my hand he re-aims the weapon to burn my fingers.  This is real physical and psychological torture that no one could be expected to take and keep going as if nothing were happening.  Yet our government says they know nothing about this technology.  They knew nothing about NSA spying but it is true.  They need to find out what is going on before this country is torn apart from within.

I belong to the NGO human rights organization: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance  They are gaining new members all the time.  This shows no sign of abating, quite the contrary it is growing and shows every sign of targeting every whistleblower and activist in this country.  The people doing this heinous crime are out of control and need to be physically stopped.  Do they expect that we will just die quietly from torture and not try to stop them?

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