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Thursday, November 14, 2013

NTT Torture Log for Wednesday November 14, 2013

  • 07:20p microwave radiation is coming from the 2nd floor APT:205D.  The handler has the source moved around, depending on where I am at the moment. right now it is at the back wall to left of couch.  Sometimes when my handler gets bored (last night) we play a game of move the portable microwave weapon each time I find it with my meter.
  • 07:21p person in 405D is pounding on the floor at all hours of the day and night.  sometimes I answer back. This pounding is to measure my reaction to external noise stimulation.  This is a favorite game of his and can go on for hours.  Sometimes he has Tim or another criminal gang-stalker bang on my wall when I am in the shower.  
  • my handler is using a beam weapon to give small area traumatic injuries to my forearms and hands.  It feels like they have been worked over with a ball Peen hammer. 
  • periodically my handler increases the microwave power to inject their diabolical chemical previously put in place on various parts of my body (scrotum, scalp, shoulders, etc.) The scrotum is a favorite place for my handler because the blood vessels are close to the surface.  See my blog article on chemicals used on TI's to keep them targeted
  • 10:00p  as I sit on my couch this evening, using my computer, My fingers are being burned, especially when I use the mouse.  I suppose this is done to keep me from using the computer.  Is slows me down, but it will never stop me.  These bastards will not get away with this.  Additionally, my handler is beaming the right side of my head/brain and my left side above the hip.  
  • This morning, I called Congressman James McDermott, Senator Maria Cantwell and Senator Patty Murray.  I did have a problem with the Senators Aid who told me that he has never heard of targeted individuals and was acting like he was going to hang up the phone any second.  He finally did hang up on me twice.  
  • Tonight I noticed that Congressman Paul Cook is now following me on Twitter @RepPaulCook of CA representing Big Bear City, where I used to live.  In addition I am also followed by Congressman Brad Schneider from IL Twitter:@Schneider4IL10.  I feel these law makers are following me because I am a TI.  Also of significance, other influential people follow me on Twitter.  I encourage this and am no a full fledged activist, fighting to get these bastards tried in a court of law and hanged. 
  • I hear big foot up in APT:405D pounding on the floor.  It should surely be obvious to anyone now that the psychopaths doing this are working to drive the TI crazy and make them SNAP.  I would never take an innocent persons life, however there are those who would, apparently.  
Also, it could be that the mind control victim TI's are no longer in control at the point when they SNAP.  Human beings can only take so much until they inevitably either DIE, or BREAK OUT or BREAK DOWN.  This is happening to thousands of mind controlled TI's in this country and GLOBALLY.  There can be no doubt that TI's are going through the MKULTRA programing right now, which was designed to reprogram people.  They are all MIND CONTROLLED and are each one a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.  Any one of them could be a shooter on the shelf by accident.  Don't make the mistake of thinking a mass shooter must be hypnotised or they left something out of the torture mix, because all of these TI's are mind controlled and are receiving trauma based mind control.  Any one of them could snap the wrong way at any time or at a pre-determined time.   In other words, there are many thousands of shooters on the shelf at any given time with more coming on line all the time.  TI's have surely snapped into mass shooter mode before and will do so undoubtedly again TICK >>> TICK>>> TICK. Wasting time only hastens the inevitable.

Even and especially as I write this I am tortured by my handler.  I receive periodic pokes to my anus with an infrasonic beam weapon.  How long could anyone be expected to take that kind of degradation and torture before calling it quits?  When I write I get into a zone where outside interference is minimised to the point where I can ignore it, otherwise I could not do what I am doing.  I realized early on in my targeting, that I could no longer work due to PTSD as I also realize that death is inevitable at some point.  I am one of the lucky ones who was able to get SSDI, because most TI's cannot.  The money inevitably runs out at some point and the downward spiral continues.

The psychopaths doing this torture are like jackals circling their prey, taunting them with their cries, until their prey goes down, just as planned.  They are predators who can smell blood and cortisol leaden sweat.  They wait until there is an opening and make their move, drawing blood with each strike, until the remaining props holding the TI up are kicked away... TICK >>> TICK>>> TICK.

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