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Monday, November 4, 2013

NTT-Torture Log for Monday, November 4th 2013

My torture is less today in that I am not being microwaved as bad so that's good.  However, the handler is still burning my finger tips and my hands and beaming my intestines.  This is a very painful game with this psychopath.
 He seems to like to do it more than any of the other handlers I have had.  He does it slowly, so that the pain builds up and to increase the psychological terror the victim feels.  So I am still up at 4:30am, even though I am exhausted and in need of sleep.

The handlers attitude is not unlike someone in a supervisory position over all aspects of my life.  This is different than the job of the police, except that to the police, I am a free man, or am I.  The police will not help (TI's) and will look the other way.  Many are not directly involved.  they don't understand the technology and will not take a report about targeting individual citizens.  They may want to help, but have to work within the system.

There are police who are involved as there are many city and county workers and others (tens of thousands actually), who want to supplement their income are involved.  Who wouldn't in this low wage society.  But there are jobs and then there are jobs that are really SLOW KILL MURDERER jobs.  But who offers these jobs and how much can they make (do some work and find out).  For the police who are involved, this is a disgraceful crime of corruption called Murder for hire.  Could that be correct?  Lets look at the facts before deciding.  TI's are enrolled in a slow kill program where death is imminent, however they are killed over a period of time so that the death looks like natural causes.  The method of SLOW KILL is physical and psychological torture.   The police officers participating in this are taking money for helping to murder (via slow kill) a targeted individual.  Yes, it is murder all right.

When you say it all at one time like that it makes it sound as if the participating officers are committing murder while on the job to supposedly protect the citizens they are hired to serve and protect.  You say maybe they only do it in their off hours, so it's OK.  No, It doesn't work that way.  Police are police in their off hours too.  Besides, SlOW KILL or FAST KILL is still murder and still a crime.  There are thousands of people from private contractor handlers to organized stalkers, but for now I am just concerning myself with police, because I have a point to make.

   Is this serve and protect thing just for non TI's and if so, who designated TI's as non citizens.  Are the police acting as Vigil Anti executioners in this case.  If so, who appointed them to do this and Who actually decides who gets on the TI list to be SLOW KILLED.  Murder is a one way ticket and aren't there were laws for that purpose.

Count me as old fashioned but I still believe in the rule of law and not the rule of thugs.  No one appointed anyone as executioner and least of all will it be the police who are hired to SERVE and PROTECT the citizens.  This bastardization of justice has come about since 911 changed everything (you have heard that one before.. EVERYTHING CHANGED AFTER 9-11?).  It did change things alright, but not in a good way.  It all started by taking away our rights and inflicting a corporate security state on the citizens.  This encroachment became more and more pronounced until we are in a veritable democracy free POLICE state.

Now we have the police and others making value judgments on their own that the law protects citizens except not in the case of targeted individuals (TI's).  In the case of TI's, the corrupt police are apparently there to help TORTURE the TI to death.  Again, I must stress that only some police are doing this, but why is it tolerated by the good police who aren't doing it.  Who polices the police.  They are blatantly assisting in the murder of TI's and even the good police look the other way.  I just don't know how to resolve this or say it in any other way.  Yes there are good cops, but the good cops allow the bad cops to commit murder and let them get away with it.

The NDAA has made it legal for the president to brand anyone an enemy combatant (a kill list of Americans on American soil!?).  Could that be what it is about and the police know that the TI's are enemy combatants.  It could be, but before I read too much into this, I would like to give our LEADERS a chance to comment and hopefully clear things up.  After all, they were elected to be our leaders by example and to after all protect the citizens.  Lets ask our leaders if they can shed some light on this area of legal ambiguity and give us some guidance.

People need to call your senators and congressmen and city council's to ask them to clarify all of the ambiguity.  Basically does the NDAA justify a kill list of American Citizens and is it OK to murder TI's?  If not, why are the police and others doing it.  Do not make the mistake of letting anyone tell you the police would not do this, because we know better.  This is America and we have rights.  You prove to me that the police aren't committing this crime.  Ask police around the country if this is the case.  Ask them in a survey so they will be able to speak freely and they will tell you it is true.

Nightly update to today's torture log.
My psychopathic handler is irradiating me with microwaves pulsed at about 2Hz which keeps the microwaves from cooking me and also varying around a .3Hz signal which is there to vary the depth of penetration of the microwaves.  The handler has been doing this all day.  Earlier, only my legs were buzzing, but now my whole body core is buzzing from this outrageous crime. Also, my blood pressure and heart rate are elevated and a cause for concern.  I am taking immediate steps to reduce these values through meditation, medication and shielding.  Yesterday I had a very light emf torture day and that was an anomaly.  I am back in the groove today. receiving excessive microwave radiation..  Monitoring BP and Heart rate are critical and must be done.  Try to get BP down if at all possible.

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