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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NTT-Torture Log for Monday November 5th 2013

Hi, I have been microwaved all day today and then it stopped for about two hours.  Now it has started up again and my blood pressure is high as well as my resting heart rate.
 145/100 HR=101 b/min.  I started taking videos of these incidents because it is evidence that is readily understandable by medical professionals.  These psychopaths can easily raise BP and HR to increase the chance of stroke.  It shows they are trying to kill me.  Doing this lets others know that death from stroke is not an accident, but premeditated murder.  The psychopaths by their persistence are saying they either think the killing will never stop or if  it does then they will get immunity from prosecution because another psychopath said so.  I just want to assure these cretins that this killing era will definitely end and there will be no chance of a pardon for handlers, because they are committing premeditated murder.  The Nuremberg code says you are guilty, so it is not my law it is OUR law and it will be followed.  For those who think the law does not apply to them.. surprise surprise surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say to Sgt Carter.
It is my birthday today and I was surprised to get BDay wishes from so many of my facebook friends.  All in all it was a good day.  I am trying to look on the bright side to avoid being depressed.  I have been able to  avoid depression, which is so prevalent among the TI community.  Diminishing the ego was immensely helpful in that regard.  Psychopaths would never make it as torture victims due to their bloated pathological ego's.  Also, I need to get out of the apartment more and I have done that today.  Break up the routine, this way the handler can't set up his little house of horrors, but must keep it on the move to follow me.  It breaks up their routine and their psychopathic plans.
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