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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some Targeted Individual Tests Are Dr.Mengele Like Sterilization/Desensitization Human Eugenics Experimentation

I have come to believe that some of the procedures done to us as Targeted Individuals (TI), are in fact surgical procedures performed on us.  These Electromagnetic Weapons they use on us are in fact Less Than Lethal Weapons.  Some of them are capable of projecting a beam of energy that can be tuned to the resonant frequency of a specific object or structure in the body.  That structure will resonate and heat up to the point where it will be destroyed, even vaporized.  Therefore this apparatus can also be used by a skilled surgeon to perform life saving surgeries on patients anywhere on the earth, remotely.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Repatriation Or Expatriation For The Torturers, Am I Right Or Are The Torturers Right

It used to be that the threat of jail was enough to keep psychopathic people from hurting others.   Now there are
psychopathic people who took jobs torturing and killing people.  I hear they are self employed as private contractors and loving it. The psychopaths who designed the Targeted Individual (TI) torture program expected the Torturers would have a problem being repatriated at the start, but said nothing as they knew it would interfere with their plans.  They knew the new psychopathic torture recruits would be convinced it would continue forever.  As far as the psychopaths were concerned since they don't consider the consequences of their actions and so will act normally.  So there are about 200K of these handlers now, imagine that and people still don't know about it.  I thought when this many people knew a secret that it wouldn't be a secret in short order.  It has been over 13 years now since 911.  Getting back to what happens to torturers though, authorities and police will have no choice but to call for mass expatriation and internment of the torturers.  Many solutions will have been discussed, but only expatriation will be acceptable in the end. I can tell that the torturers have not considered

Friday, July 25, 2014

No Touch Torture Log for Friday 7-25-14 In Virtual Prison WHY?

It's 12:10pm on Friday, 7/25/14. The Government has made it possible for the psychopathic people to torture people in their homes from the comfort of their own homes in line of sight to the neighbor they want to torture.  they can focus the beam on one spot to cause inflammation, swelling and pain.  They are private contractors working for a company under government contracts to do human experimentation with psychotronic weapons.  They can target anyone and most will never know it because they can be stealthy and not cause direct pain but make it seem like normal pains that people get like fibromyalgia, joint pain, muscle strains.  Some pains are sharp and others are dull pains, depending on their choice of Less Than Lethal (LTL)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Targeted Individuals, Know That When As Few As 5% to 6% Of Population Recognize Danger, Then Nearly Everyone Does

The perps and handlers depend on your being embarrassed by what they do. If you are embarrassed then you will keep quiet and their subjugation of you will continue in private. If I out them to the world, then the world knows what they are doing and the tables are turned. I am now subjugating them. They must worry about retaliation and as they already know PAYBACK IS A BITCH. I am justified in what I am doing because my life is on the line, but there is no justification in taking money for TORTURE, so they will remain insecure and cowardly. Think of them sitting in the dark watching a thermal image of you. That is cowardly and they are induced to be mentally ill, because we are innocent. They are goons and thugs parading as patriots. They are a facade, a sham, fakes or whatever you want to call them. They are subjugating innocent human beings for human experimentation. People need to feel justified to maintain a positive self image of themselves. I am in fact psyopsing them. Their self image and confidence is deteriorating.  Realize that not all of them are full psychopaths devoid of empathy so many of these handlers are only psychopathic to some degree. the more empathy they have the greater will be the personal destruction they go through. The

Monday, July 21, 2014

Psychopathic Private Government Contractors Can Be Counted On By The Government To Act Like Psychopaths

The psychopaths torturing me in Algona Washington, King County
are insane in that they do not think or act like normal people.  No they aren't aliens or robots, but if you could see the brutality without emotion they are capable of, they you might think they are aliens.  Just for a thrill or even a high five with one of their like minded cohorts, they could bet for instance that a certain type of injury to a human being they have control over.  For instance, numbing genitals and whatever else, to prevent a person from having sex, as has been done with me.  They do it because they can and it doesn't even matter what side of the bet they take or which one does the injury.  When it is all over, and the high fives have been slapped, it is forgotten as quickly as it began leaving the victim to cope with whatever injury the psychopaths inflicted on the victim.  Remember These weapons can be used to vaporize internal tissue in cauterization surgery.  The weapons are in the hands of psychopaths who are predators in seek of prey, from whom they want something, money, sex, favors, advancement, etc. and when they are done with you, they leave.  But you try getting away from them and its a different story, because it is more like you are their property, since they have gone to the trouble to stalk you and they don't let prey go so easy.  In other words, they want their pound of flesh and at some point they consider you their property, you are an object to them and they expended time and resources to exploit you.  They have a favorite saying which is "PAYBACK'S A BITCH" and they take it to heart.  Remember they are in every city and town.  They have interminable memories and will go to extraordinary lengths to exact revenge for perceived slights, especially if they know they won't be caught. Piss of the wrong psychopath and you may find yourself on the receiving end of PAYBACK via electromagnetic weapons targeting you in the comfort of your home.    

Monday, July 14, 2014

NoTouchTorture Log for July 14, 2014 @Algona, King County WA & Torture Frequency Explanation

I have degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology, Biology and Computer Science along with experience in the field allowing me to make educated observations concerning my torture and the people who are doing this to me.  I have a directional meter (Android Cell Phone) which shows me the direction of the torture signals.  I have found that the handlers who torture, are usually your neighbors.  Yes, they could be any place in the world on the Internet, but I have noticed that neighbors move in near the Targeted Individual (TI)  torture to me out of greed because they are able to coordinate with their local network of psychopathic people on the ground and know the local vendors.  Therefore Convenience (Torture from home), greed, enjoyment and simple are the reasons people torture TI's.  I've noticed that many who are already in place must make a decision to torture or allow visiting torturers to stake out in their houses and share the torture loot paid by the Government to the torturer.  It seems logical that they would have been shown a "National Security Letter" that says I am basically and "Enemy Of The State" and they buy into it, considering it is not their fault and responsibility for my subjugation and potential death is responsibility of the Government and not them.  Once there, each additional torture step becomes easier.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

NTT-Torture Log From Mon. July 7-13

The psychopathic handlers subjugating me on xyz Blvd. in Algona WA are amping up the agressivity.

Monday Jul. 7, 2014
Today was the first day back from the trip to ocean shores.   The torture was ramped up on this day and I was poked and prodded with their electronic sticks to my hands, legs and body.  I am not allowed to go to sleep.

Tuesday Jul. 8
Today I signed up for the ymca.  I was tortured with the big electronic stick right through the roof of the building.   I was given a tour and the electronic stick poking went on the entire time.  The torture is going on without letup now. They are hurting me with the electronic stick almost all night.  They must have gotten word from the high vouncil to whip me into shape.  I am not allowed to go to sleep.

Targeted Individuals FOIA Requests Are Denied

I am a 62yo targeted man who has committed no crime and yet I am an enemy of the state and targeted with 24/7 surveillance.  My FOIA request yields DENIED or a GLOMAR response.. nothing.  There is no doubt kind of surveillance is classified.  Yet classification of crimes to hide them is illegal.  Targeted Individuals (TI) are being subjugated as Human Trafficking victims.  We do not have the funds to fight our subjugation in court.  Letting them keep this secret makes everyone lose.  Anyone can be subjugated in this way.  People could work with TI's to uncover this issue and it would blow it wide open because of the human rights issue.  We need Journalists to do their job and exposed this injustice by the Government.
Psychopaths have taken over parts of the Government.  Their power is covered in secrecy and protected by law.  Please shine a light on the corruption.