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Monday, July 14, 2014

NoTouchTorture Log for July 14, 2014 @Algona, King County WA & Torture Frequency Explanation

I have degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology, Biology and Computer Science along with experience in the field allowing me to make educated observations concerning my torture and the people who are doing this to me.  I have a directional meter (Android Cell Phone) which shows me the direction of the torture signals.  I have found that the handlers who torture, are usually your neighbors.  Yes, they could be any place in the world on the Internet, but I have noticed that neighbors move in near the Targeted Individual (TI)  torture to me out of greed because they are able to coordinate with their local network of psychopathic people on the ground and know the local vendors.  Therefore Convenience (Torture from home), greed, enjoyment and simple are the reasons people torture TI's.  I've noticed that many who are already in place must make a decision to torture or allow visiting torturers to stake out in their houses and share the torture loot paid by the Government to the torturer.  It seems logical that they would have been shown a "National Security Letter" that says I am basically and "Enemy Of The State" and they buy into it, considering it is not their fault and responsibility for my subjugation and potential death is responsibility of the Government and not them.  Once there, each additional torture step becomes easier.

I want to make it clear that I am not afraid of these handlers, even though they try hard to keep TI's terrified to death through Psyops, stalking, intimidation and torture.  I know this is terminal experimentation and each day can be my last. The eventual outcome is stroke, heart attack or NSA suicide.   I can tell when I am accessed and when I am being being electronically tortured.  First there is no time when I am not monitored and watched.  My neck and head begin to feel pressure and I can hear a crackling noise like tick, tick, tick or snap crackle pop (faint), which is comparable to what some workers would describe when exposed to microwave radiation due to thermal expansion in my neck and brain.  

In addition I am a healthy 62 year old male and can do any exercise within reason.  It would be natural to wonder how I know what is happening to me, but after four years of this torture you get to notice subtle things and there is not any doubt in my mind, when I am being tortured by Electromagnetic Weapons.  In addition, the psychopaths want me to know and put their own spin on the torture ensuring that it feels like torture.  But I want to say that if they didn't want me to know I was accessed then it would be hard to tell.  I have had it both ways.
a) There is area burning (external/internal) with microwaves and focused radar 
b) internal DULL to Sharp STABBING pains with Ultrasonic radiation.  I believe this is done by matching the 
c) There is uncomfortable to painful spasms and muscle twitching with Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation

When I state what is happening to me it is as if I am making an observation and not from fear.  If torture is too busy, I will wait until later to write my observations.

Today Mon. 7-14-14 12:36pm
I am back from Algona YMCA.  I joined the YMCA to get exercise and some social activities.  My handler was Ultrasonic beaming my left foot in the arch and my right foot where tendons meet muscle.  If feels like the tendon is burned and I have to stop exercising or walking.  I have had this happen before when I was walking around the block in my neighborhood.  The handler harassing me in the YMCA is trying to deter me from exercising which is the same as committing murder.

7-14 9:30pm
The handlers beat the crap out of me today.  My head was attacked all day and I have had a headache.  They call it brain entrainment when the brain starts to follow the frequency the psychopaths are sending instead of its own natural rhythm frequency, which I think is about 8hz.   

psychopaths are really getting me good today.  Very intense microwaving of my lower body.  I am shaking now and am getting weak and will probably pass out due to the exhaustion based muscle fatigue that my body is undergoing.  Also, I was being hit with ELF radiation in my feet and legs, to the point where I would get severe painful spasms when i tried to move my feet and legs. My feet and legs would stiffen up my muscles would try to contort due to the muscles not being given the proper signals.  

The microwaving is still going on since this morning
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