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Sunday, July 13, 2014

NTT-Torture Log From Mon. July 7-13

The psychopathic handlers subjugating me on xyz Blvd. in Algona WA are amping up the agressivity.

Monday Jul. 7, 2014
Today was the first day back from the trip to ocean shores.   The torture was ramped up on this day and I was poked and prodded with their electronic sticks to my hands, legs and body.  I am not allowed to go to sleep.

Tuesday Jul. 8
Today I signed up for the ymca.  I was tortured with the big electronic stick right through the roof of the building.   I was given a tour and the electronic stick poking went on the entire time.  The torture is going on without letup now. They are hurting me with the electronic stick almost all night.  They must have gotten word from the high vouncil to whip me into shape.  I am not allowed to go to sleep.

WED. Jul. 9
It was more of the same today.  Injuries to hands, arms, legs and brain.  handler is using an ultrasonic beam or radar to my testicles all day.  I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I am not allowed to go to sleep.

Thu. Jul. 10
I am being aggressively attacked in Algona, King County WA. The handler tonight is using his beam like someone using an electronic stick poking me in various places to try to get me to yell and act out so I would get subjugated by the police.  These jabs are torture by burning with ultrasonic beam to my right temple, coming from ESE.  I feel like his entertainment and he is acting like *if only I would get angry or be in fear and run or try to get away it would be so much more fun*  This is one of the HI FIVE COWBOYS of the psychopaths who torture.  They are more out for a good time and getting paid to torture is just a bonus.  He is very busy trying all sorts of techniques for causing pain and discomfort that he has learned.  

Friday July 11
The torture today is horrendous.  I am getting intense microwave attacks which are constant for hours at a time.  I am being kept from sleeping with a microwave attack to my legs and feet.  It feels like they are burning and the buzzing is affecting the muscles in my legs. 

Saturday July 12
I was kept from sleeping all night Saturday night and was only allowed to sleep from 7:00am until 2:00pm today.  They are trying to cause a psychotic break so that I can be discredited and subjugated with the police and the psychiatric community. 

Sunday July 13
There are microwave attacks to my legs and feet.  Also there is ultrasonic beam heating of my organs and my penis (for punishment usually).

I want to tell you about the nature of some of the injuries I receive. There is a certain type of injury i receive which is repetitively given over and over again to the same exact spot in the same exact way.   It seems to be indicative of experimentation , due to the repetitive nature. The most painful injuries the handler gives me with an ultrasonic beam.  This causes inflammation and heat damage to the structure being attacked.  

These injuries are indicative of Human Experimentation (HE).  Also, while I am trying to protect myself, I am otherwise prevented and diverted from activism.  This is the psychopaths logic.  You can say it is stupid which it is, but it is effective.

 With the use of repetitive injuries, I am starting out the day on the defensive with injuries to arms, or hands or wherever the injuries of the day are to be. Even after shift change,  I guess the days injuries are pre scheduled and the new handler gets right to administering the injuries to the same exact spots, over and over again.  I suppose that the Air Force said that Human Experimentation safety protocols would be used,  was just an empty formality.   There would be no safety protocol, because the Air Force knows the test subjects are not voluntary,  they are mandatory and non consensual.  The human test subjects are the existing army of targeted individuals who are made into human trafficking victims to facilitate complete subjugation and control.

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