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Monday, March 24, 2014

NTT Torture Log For 3-22 To 3-24-2014 and Air Force DEBR

Saturday March 22
4:59am i have been tortured with ELF radiation and my vision is failing.  I am having dificulty thinking because of HPDE. 

8:40am microwave radiation started, sourcing from 405D
handler is trying to keep me under control by burning the knuckle of little finger on right hand.  This is the theme for today.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Targeted Individuals Are Subjugated Via Continuous Clandestine Tagging, Tracking And Locating (CTTL)

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Think surveillance and communications privacy law is bad now? Just wait until the military’s “bioreactive taggants” and “smart dust” migrate back to the United States, and end up in the arsenals of the FBI, DHS, DEA, ATF, LAPD, and NYPD.
That day will come, and we couldn’t be lesser prepared.
I spend a lot of my time worrying about how we can successfully grapple with the privacy impact of technologies like face recognition, already in widespread use and growing in significance by the day. But we still haven’t appropriately dealt with the shift from analog to digital.

Monday, March 17, 2014

NTT - Torture Log for 03-17-2014

The real terrorists are state sponsored killers... WHO KNEW!
8:20am There is a man that comes over to 205D who is irradiating me from below my apartment.  I will not talk about this issue now but will keep it for after i am done with Arrowhead management.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anyone can be targeted with #mindcontrol aka *targeting your brain with radar

Anyone can be targeted with #mindcontrol aka 'targeting your brain with radar'.   If the NSA wants to see something that you have access to, then you better watch the f**k out-:/  It started as a way of communicating with spies in the field.  A handler can see what you see and hear what you hear. You may never know if you are targeted, because you won't notice any difference, unless they want you to.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NTT Torture Log for 3-10 & 3-11 2014 and The Looming NSA ABYSMAL

3/10/14 monday
9:25pm moved weapon..In living room on right near BR door
9:26pm moved weapon to right BR near door
9:27pm moved large BR near window next to LR wall
9:31pm moved weapon room 2' from left wall 2' from window
I can tell where the person in the apt 405D above me has the weapon they are using to irradiate me.  If you want a chance to take legal action against them you need this information.  In addition, they don't like that you know where they are, because then you also know who lives there.  This knowledge gives us all power. We must take and use this power to identify them so they have no place to hide.
I pushed to get TI's to get meters so they could detect handler locations too and put a stop this horrific death program.  I cannot prove but I believe some handlers have quit because I knew where they were.

3:15pm there is purposeful pounding now and at times that the person in 405d deems I may be made afraid by it.  The noise has cut down since last week, however it is still going on.  Pounding noise is happening now 'pound pound
pound pound'.  Its supposed to sound like she is walking but she is disabled due to morbid obesity and cant walk like that.  The noise is probably from her sitting at her desk by the window pounding with her fist on her desk.  This woman thinks that right now as I write this, that I may be more sensitive to noise than another time, so she pounds bump bump bump bump.  This person is lying to Manager Dave Bell, if he is asking her at all about this noise and he keeps believing her.  She is a domestic terrorist.  I am telling him the exact same thing and apparently I don't count.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Answer To Arrowhead Gardens Management RE: Violation Of Lease

Arrowhead Gardens Management
Senior Housing Assistance Group 
9000 2nd Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98106

James F. Lico
9240 2nd Avenue SW
APT 305D
Seattle WA 98106

Hello, My name is James Lico, I am 62 years old and I live at Arrowhead Apartments. 
I have been working with the managers and have come against an impasse and now Mr. Bell is telling me I will be evicted without due diligence consideration of my arguments.  The page you are reading, is a basic explanation overview and there is an attachment link to a document I have already handed in to Manager: Dave Bell.  In other words, this is a follow up to my last submittal.