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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Private Government Contractors Are Testing ELF Radiation On Citizens

Concentrated/Focused ELF radiation causes nerves to become numb and not receive the correct signals. The signals they do receive become distorted and cause the muscles to contort, sometimes painfully. I know because it happens to me too. The US Government has given Electromagnetic Weapons Technology to Sociopathic and Psychopathic people to subjugate designated Targeted Individuals as Human Trafficking Victims for research on the effects of those weapons. The people this is happening to are known as Targeted Individuals (TI's) and they are victims of human trafficking.  The people doing this to TI's are called handlers, they have proven they cannot be trusted to do the right thing and they must be stopped.


Dr. John R. Hall, D.O. 5282 Medical Drive # 200, San Antonio, Texas 78229, USA tel: 210-614-6432 email:,

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I am writing you on the behalf of victims both in the United States and abroad. As you are aware, many revelations surrounding the National Security Agency’s extensive electronic dragnet have recently come to light through released records by the intelligence insider Mr. Edward Snowden. During the course of the LIBE Committee hearings even more first-hand testimony was heard from other former NSA insiders regarding the extent of NSA privacy invasion and lack of oversight regarding their methods of data collection. Their statements begin to come very close to an issue that those of us in the medical community in the United States and abroad have been keenly watching for several years now.

Monday, May 19, 2014

NTT Torture Log for 5-16 thru 5-19 (Our Government Entrusted Electromagnetic Weapons To Psychopaths For use In Human Trafficking Of People For Medical Experimentation - WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!)

RE: The Men Who Target Peoples Brains And Body With Radar

I am living at 310 xyz Blvd., Algona WA.  Psychopathic handlers are operating from houses in my direct vicinity to torture me with line of sight Electromagnetic Weapons.  I have heard that it is not your neighbors, but in my experience it is usually your neighbors.  This is because it is necessary for these handlers to be an octopus on the phone, interacting with their local network of sociopathic Organized Stalkers who are deployed to further make the TI's life a living hell in tandem with the DEW radiation.  Also, I have a directional meter that shows me exactly which direction and also the elevation of a torture signals source (Please click on this link to learn more).  I can tell if the signal is horizontal (Probably a neighbor), up to 30 degrees aprox. (probably a Cell Tower) and a steeper angle is probably a satellite.  There is never any time when a handler is not watching and irradiating me in some way.  It runs the gammut from just uncomfortable up through painful, depending on what they are doing and the intensity level setting.  Therefore, anyone coming to visit or observe would be able to use an android cell phone, with my procedure to locate the source of the signals present.  Shortly, I will be publishing a map link containing directions of torture signals.  I can narrow directions down to a few houses in each case.  I am not pointing at any in particular at this time.  But I am showing trajectory lines leading to two or three possibilities. I am finding that when I go to check the source visually, the signal dissapears and in that case i only have a line at some angle where I can draw it in without selecting a source specifically.

I have associate degrees in each of Biology and also Electronics Engineering Technology.  I also have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, with associated work experience in each field.  This training allows me to make some accurate observations about my targeting.  These handlers are operating under Government Contracts to the Air Force DEBR Directed Energy Bio-Effects Research.

Friday, May 9, 2014

House of Representatives to start Human Trafficking Task Force

I need to ask for some help from TI's.  I found out that US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor heads a House Task Force on Human Trafficking (HT).  This HT task force may have been rolled out now because of the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls.  It doesn't matter why they created it, but it does matter that Targeting Individuals is Human Trafficking TOO.  It looks like they are going to address Human Trafficking issues here and abroad and we need to get their attention and others attention.  The purpose of this is to garner support for TI issues.  By forcing the issue of HT=TI, we can gain support and understanding from the HT community of which there is a very large base of support.  It would have happened slowly, but now it will happen faster because of what is going on now and the focus of the HT community.  We need to make voices heard about Human Trafficking and how we are subjugated like lab animal slaves for the profit of the military industrial complex.  The House Task Force on Human Trafficking has to recognize Targeted Individuals, even if we have to shame them into it.  We must work at gaining recognition.  Remaining silent any more is not an option. 

U.S. Medical System & Military Involved in Non-Consensual Human Experimentation

U.S. Medical System & Military Involved in Non-Consensual Human Experimentation

APA's CIA torture complicity. Is America ready for whole truth?

Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner - August 14th 2011

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The American Psychological Association (APA) at its meeting in San Diego, CA this weekend for its annual convention was presented with a letter to APA President Goodheartdetailing APA’s complicity and failure to act in ethics scandals involving psychologists who aided the U.S. government’s torture program. Hundreds of innocent Americans, alleging that the government torture program includes covert torture of innocent persons in the U.S., have requested advocacy from ethical psychologist groups and other human rights groups yet to respond.

NTT-Torture Log for 5-9-14 & US Senator Or Rep. Information Request

My handler is beaming the side of my head (temple) with a DE weapon and it is causing an intense, dull pain in that area.  I am on the phone with Comcast to cancel my account that should have been canceled in March.  These people feed on stress and they know I am still being billed.  They are predators and enjoy torturing people when they are having a problem.  Can you imagine this man is a narcissistic predator watching me as i attempt to cancel my account, he is torturing me like he is poking a wounded animal with a stick.  As I sit here putting the finishing touches on this, I am being poked in my right temple with the handlers big red, white and blue Directed Energy Weapon, zaping my brain over and over again, taunting me.  This is what can be expected of malignant narcissistic predators.  Please read my article on how Targeting Individuals is Human Trafficking.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

NTT-Torture Log For 5-5 to 5-8-14

Mon. May 5 2014  My handler is being heavy handed with me lately.  I believe he is angry with me for referring to him as a moron.  Can you imagine a little man sitting at a computer terminal with the use of a directed energy weapon he is ready, willing and able to fire at me deciding that he is angry at me.  This wicked little man is likely either a psychopath or a sociopath with no remorse for anything he does now, has done in the past or will ever do in the future.  He doesn't care about me or anyone else and in fact cares only about himself and what he is getting to do his dirty work.  When you hear about someone targeting his mother for pay,  you are hearing about the poor miscreant I am talking about.  You see, a normal person could not torture another human being without getting debilitating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the activity.  We have inherent empathy (compassion) built into us for our fellow humans and other creatures.  We cannot watch it being done let alone doing torture to your fellow man without being injured in the process.  Our government put this man in charge of another human being who has done nothing wrong  He is an innocent person who is being used for human experimentation.  We are so sanctimonious about our duty to keep people safe, yet we let our government do something like this to tens of thousands of innocent people, using psychopaths with lethal weapons.

Friday, May 2, 2014

NTT Torture Log for Fri. 4-26 thru 5-2-14 & No Amnesty For Torturers

Sat. Apr. 26th 2014  12:39pm My handler #NaturesStupidMan Narcissist is torturing my wrist as I write on my computer.  torture signals sourcing from there today again.  Yes, they think they are Natures Super Men, but they are deluded into accepting the big lie perpetrated by their employers.  The are really Natures Stupid Men if they think they will get away with TORTURE.  They will never get amnesty and will be found guilty in the court of public opinion if the Government fails as is now normally the case.