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Friday, May 2, 2014

NTT Torture Log for Fri. 4-26 thru 5-2-14 & No Amnesty For Torturers

Sat. Apr. 26th 2014  12:39pm My handler #NaturesStupidMan Narcissist is torturing my wrist as I write on my computer.  torture signals sourcing from there today again.  Yes, they think they are Natures Super Men, but they are deluded into accepting the big lie perpetrated by their employers.  The are really Natures Stupid Men if they think they will get away with TORTURE.  They will never get amnesty and will be found guilty in the court of public opinion if the Government fails as is now normally the case.

8:18pm i am talking on FFCHS conference call on talkshoe and as I sit at my computer i am being tortured with a beam to the head of my penis and groin area.  

11:37pm now hurting the tip of my right thumb

Sun. Apr. 27
8:42pm I am being hit with DEW ELF in my right shoulder, left knee and left ankle.  The ankle and knee injuries are causing a limp at this time.  The shoulder injury feels like i have been punched there.
In addition, I was being microwaved around my legs and feet only and this stopped at 6:30pm
right now i am measuring torture signals coming from the East and South West which is the house to the left across the street.

Mon. Apr. 28  6:04pm my head and heart are being beamed with ELF so that I feel sick.  This just started.  

1: 17am Fri May 2  All day Thursday, I received hand injuries so that my hands hurt due to inflammation of key joints from energy weapons.  Now my handler is beaming my left big toe joint.  These injuries are part of their protocol.  I believe they are to test directed energy weapons, but more than that they are supposed to slow me down and make it harder for me to advocate against human trafficking of TI's.  I had to go to the police station to check on police presence at Mr. Shurters house when i pick up my possessions.  Even now as I am writing my torture log, I am receiving a beam injury to my left forearm.  I suppose the handler is trying to tell me something.  the injuries seem to be somewhat consistent and the handler must be able to tell how much tissue heating to do so the correct amount of damage and pain occur.  I think they use the thermal image color change to tell how much heat has occurred at the injury site.

Its too bad the handlers cannot see that in torturing citizens, they will never be trusted to do the right thing ever again.  They have no self control with regard to humanitarian behavior.  When this war is over I can see that handlers in particular will never work again in addition to the general fear normal people will have of them.  The handlers can not see this because they are sociopaths and have their "its for the greater good" mantra which they recite to allay those annoying pangs of guilt, if that happens at all.
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