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Monday, May 19, 2014

NTT Torture Log for 5-16 thru 5-19 (Our Government Entrusted Electromagnetic Weapons To Psychopaths For use In Human Trafficking Of People For Medical Experimentation - WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!)

RE: The Men Who Target Peoples Brains And Body With Radar

I am living at 310 xyz Blvd., Algona WA.  Psychopathic handlers are operating from houses in my direct vicinity to torture me with line of sight Electromagnetic Weapons.  I have heard that it is not your neighbors, but in my experience it is usually your neighbors.  This is because it is necessary for these handlers to be an octopus on the phone, interacting with their local network of sociopathic Organized Stalkers who are deployed to further make the TI's life a living hell in tandem with the DEW radiation.  Also, I have a directional meter that shows me exactly which direction and also the elevation of a torture signals source (Please click on this link to learn more).  I can tell if the signal is horizontal (Probably a neighbor), up to 30 degrees aprox. (probably a Cell Tower) and a steeper angle is probably a satellite.  There is never any time when a handler is not watching and irradiating me in some way.  It runs the gammut from just uncomfortable up through painful, depending on what they are doing and the intensity level setting.  Therefore, anyone coming to visit or observe would be able to use an android cell phone, with my procedure to locate the source of the signals present.  Shortly, I will be publishing a map link containing directions of torture signals.  I can narrow directions down to a few houses in each case.  I am not pointing at any in particular at this time.  But I am showing trajectory lines leading to two or three possibilities. I am finding that when I go to check the source visually, the signal dissapears and in that case i only have a line at some angle where I can draw it in without selecting a source specifically.

I have associate degrees in each of Biology and also Electronics Engineering Technology.  I also have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, with associated work experience in each field.  This training allows me to make some accurate observations about my targeting.  These handlers are operating under Government Contracts to the Air Force DEBR Directed Energy Bio-Effects Research.

The equipment they are using allows them to see a Thermal Image of the victim.  I believe this instrumentation could be used by a doctor to perform surgery on a patient remotely.  They can apparently isolate with frequency resonance a particular organ or body part and resonate only that part, leaving the surrounding tissue intact.  I further believe that the thermal image can be used as a guide to tell relatively how much tissue heating/damage has been done, so the psychopaths know how much energy to deliver.  This allows them to cause pain without causing excessive tissue damage.

Thank your for witnessing and reading this.

Friday 8:13pm I am receiving ELF to face.  ELF energy numbs, kills nerves and causes brain damage.  It is impossible to protect yourself from this and telling anyone elicits confusion.  Until people wake up to this, we are a nation of sheep waiting to be used.  Snowden has told us of the problem but we have not realized the problem is worse than we originally thought.

sat. May 17, 2014
12:27am my hands are being tortured with a beam weapon.  mostly the finger tips of my right hand are being burned.  This is happening when I operate the computers mouse or otherwise leave the hand exposed.  Moving the hand breaks contact.  This is an obvious disincentive to using my computer.

Sunday 1:40pm the handler is burning my toes and I suppose he is trying to scare me.  But the fear I have is that our country is being taken over by a fascist police state.  I feel like I am a soldier on the front lines of this war and if the people will keep acting like the ELOY being herded by the MORELOCKS for food (Time Machine), then I would rather not play.  

Monday 5/19/14 7:25pm  So I tried to masturbate today, everybody does. So they put put a stop to that by beaming me with ELF energy in my testicles and some internal sensitive part that I am not familiar with.  They are doing mobbing behavior (link) right now (There are at least three of them torturing me at the same time right now), to teach me a lesson.  ELF energy causes the sensitive nerves to go dead.  There is practically no way to stop it and I am not sure if it is permanent or not.  I already have Erectile Disfunction (ED) since the first year of my targeting, however i was still sensitive in that area.  Now I am not sensitive any more and like I said, I dont know if it is permanent.  They are torturing me now by beaming ELF energy to my sex organs (penis, testicles and internally).  This is very uncomfortable/painful and is damaging the nerves in those areas.  They can do this very subtly so it is more sneaky so the subject has no idea, but they are doing it aggressively now because they want me to know not to take away from their experimentation time.  I guess the handler doesn't want to take any chances that I may interrupt his inhumane medical experiments with something so personal as masturbation.  Usually Soldiers in war will not do sexual mutilation since the enemy would do the same to them, but these people do not ever think there will be any repercussions or payback.  I wonder why, since that would be the logical thing to do.

11:47pm My handler is having a marathon torture session since this morning.  My hands were tortured all morning and extending through the evening.  In the afternoon through this evening, my genitals were radiated with ELF energy.  Mostly it feels like my penis were it extends inside my body is being radiated.  This genital mutilation is very uncomfortable and feels like pressure type pain in that area.  I wonder how these people can justify mutilating me in this way.  I am a 62 year old man who has not committed a crime or done anything to hurt anyone.  I see that the #CIA would like us to believe that hurting people is not a crime depending on who it is.  I am a man and not a pay check.  These people would do well to watch their backs in the coming months.  I am telling this to the world.  Many men are sensitive about their sex organs and their function.  For many, knowing that there people out there who would take money to mutilate and experiment on people, then to render someone sexually dysfunctional because it interfered with their so called job is a threat to all men.  This can happen to anyone and especially many of those with sexual disfunction will be hard pressed to site the root cause of their disfunction with any degree of precision.  I can see that many men will relate to my plight and see these people as a scapegoat for their problem and may want to take out their frustrations on the handlers.

Tuesday 5-20-14 9:23am The psychopaths who are torturing me have apparently got a new procedure to desensitize a targets libido by doing cauterization surgery on my genitals.  So my torturers are now surgeons.  I believe they are using ELF energy to desensitize my penis internally which in effect makes me sexually non functional.  In addition, my hands feel like they were beat up with a hammer arount the thumb and in the palm of my right hand.

My Thoughts
After all, these freaks have a job to do and don't want to be as efficient as possible. I am their job in the world and they receive money for the time they put in.  As another example of testing they do with ELF energy, they beam my heart every 5 seconds or so until the electrical signal that triggers my heart to beat is interupted and in begins to go into Atrial Fibrulation at which point they stop and it returns to normal.  They will keep this going at about 5 second increments until they decide to stop.  

To a handler, this torture job is a wet dream come true.  They have a mantra saying about "It is for the greater good", but they don't need any help with guilt.  There is no guilt and never has been any for anything they have done or will do.  They really enjoy torturing people.  But they are the bottom of the intellectual barrel.  They are just smart enough to run the machines and not smart enough to think for themselves.  They make excellent corporate criminals and pushers of the fascist state.  You would think they would realize something is wrong, but they will be the last to recognize the problem and will be hard at working to make the problem worse until the knock of reasoned people comes at their door to stop them.
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