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Monday, January 20, 2014

How To Use An Android Tablet As A Meter

I am using my Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 Android tablet as a meter.  I downloaded the software for free.  most of the Android smartphones have the three (X, Y and Z) EMF sensors necessary to run the software.  The software I downloaded is called "Gost EMF Detector Free".  There are older versions of the Samsung called the Samsung TAB and they will run the software Too.  You can get an older smart phone, or an older tablet.
 I got the 10.1 and found out later that there were older versions for sale, especially on youtube... you can also ask the youtube seller re specifications and make sure he guarantees if he says the sensors are built in.  I looked for used samsung galaxy tablets under $75

I found out a way to make this program show me direction, but not field strength.  To tell direction, hold the meter from the back with the logo SAMSUNG facing you, so that the sensors are in front with the camera and mic.  notice that the three sensors correspond to the X, Y and Z lines on the screen and a 4th white line is a composite of the other three (ignore this line).  if there is no EMF field present the lines should be apart from each other and parallel to each other.  When an EMF field is present, the lines begin to merge together, as the field gets stronger when you move the meter in survey mode (scanning).  The idea is to move the meter left to right and back until the lines are converging.  Make a finer movement when you have the direction close.  Move it left to right until the lines flare slightly on either.  stop in the center.  You now have the horizontal direction.  You now need the vertical elevation and you are done. While holding the meter steady in the horizontal plane, gently move the meter up and down slightly so that the lines converge the most the can.  The meter is now pointing in the direction of the signal point source and showing you horizontal direction and elevation.  determining the signal source takes some practice, but basically a signal elevation above the horizon and all towers indicates the signal is emanating from a satellite.  Similarly, if the meter is telling you the signal is at a say between 15 degrees and 45 degrees positive from horizontal, it is above the houses and below where a satellite could be, so it is probably a cell phone tower.  You will get the hang of this with some practice.  Expect to make and correct mistakes as you go.  Continuing on to the third possibility, when the signal is at 0.0 degrees or horizontal to the ground, the point source is probably a portable weapon in a house, or car.  Don't assume because it is coming directly from the direction of a building (house for instance) that it is coming from that house.  To verify, go on the other side of the house and see if the signal is there, indicating the source is beyond the house and just passing through it.  You can't assume that perps would not aim right through a house with people in it (they do this).  If you are targeted from a cell phone tower, you should be able to navigate to that tower and drive right up to it, noticing the targeting signal drop off as you are under the transmitting antenna.
Knowing the direction of a signal is a powerful piece of information, because you can shield in that direction only and block the signal.  Be aware that the perps probably will stop for a day so they can rig up another signal source in a different direction towards you.  Find it in the same way you found the first signal.  

The perps will try to through you off the track by varying or turning off their signal or moving the source if using a portable weapon.  Knowing they need to turn the signal back on in order to access you, means that you won't have  to wait long for them to turn it back on, or turn down the signal to a normal value.  This meter has a variable sensitivity adjustment which is nice, you can scan quickly to find the direction of their signal.  You will notice they will play a cat and mouse with you, increasing or decreasing the signal to through you off and moving the source.  This doesn't  work usually and you should be able to figure out what they are doing and wait them out.  They hate that you know where their source is, especially if it is coming from their house!

Typical scenario for using the meter

This is a typical scenario for using the meter.  There is a microwave weapon in D205 that is radiating me with microwave energy as I sit on my couch in my apartment 305D.  I have this directional meter that tells me where the point source is.  I will just go through the type of thing that I see.

3:01pm Currently the source is on the left side of the living room, near the window.
3:02pm now it was moved to the right side past the kitchen counter near the wall.
3:03pm now its back on the left side near window.
3:04pm now back on right side.
This person is going through a phase of testing me to see if I really can locate his positioning and he is worried.
This is typical.  The handler can see me doing this and is trying to maintain covert anonymity.  He knows or should know that if I can locate him so easily then so can the authorities or someone I might hire or a bounty hunter can locate him for instance.  The possibilities are endless.  These Private Contractor Handlers are used to having their position remain undisclosed and non-locatable. Now with the advent and popularity of the android cell phone, this anonymity is a thing of the past.  Unlike the use of shielding, I didn't notice and increase in targeting if you use this meter.  If anything it is a deterrent to irradiating the TI from a near by location.  You are suffering needlessly by not using this free meter.  Contact me if you need assistance. James ...

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