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Friday, January 24, 2014

NTT Weapons Testing Torture For Friday Jan. 24 2014

weapons testing torture     Friday Jan. 24th  2014

I have been up all night due to being tortured as a Directed Energy (DE) test subject.  I know of one contract to test DE on human subjects now and one that may have ended.  There may be more.  Elf beam is hitting my palm.  Hand injuries are common.  Yesterday my stomach or bladder was injured and also my ankle as I was walking back to my apartment.  I had to limp from the entry door
all the way back to my apt..  I often say torture but I want you to know that I believe it is DE energy testing on me.  There is a smoking gun in that the Air Force is paying for the testing and the thugs here are carrying out the testing.  The weapon testing feels like torture to Targeted Individuals and that is what they call it.  According to the Air Force Biological Effect Contract summary the testing is to gain statistical evidence of potential injury damage and long term effects where directed energy is anticipated for Air Force Personnel.

9:58am person in apartment 205D is aiming a microwave weapon up through the floor of my apartment near the living room window.  I am sitting on a couch and the person is directly under where i am sitting. I can tell this because I have a directional meter (samsung android smartphone).  The man who lives in 205D hosts another man to come over to spend hours watching a heat sensitive image of me on his monitor.  he watches me while I go about my daily routine which is now like that of a political prisoner locked in a cage.  This follows me outside as well and it is better or safer to be in.

I want to give non targeted people to get an idea what it is like before it happens to them.  I believe that activists are considered enemies of the state and are eventually going to be targeted.  My handler is testing these weapons and fixing bugs in the system is a continual practice.  The people doing this will target anyone for money so if the are not targeting you now it is only because no one is paying them for it yet.  I can feel the radiation getting stronger now as they have read what I am writing and are retaliating for that.

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