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Sunday, January 5, 2014

NTT Torture Log for Sunday, January 5th, 2014

I have to do these logs in order to document what happens.  It will help in court later.  For now it is just mundanely writing down what happens, so bear with me.

My handler (woman in APT 405D above) is targeting my heart today. She is using a beam weapon to disrupt my heart beat, giving me chest discomfort and a disease feeling. probably she is destroying the valves or doing vascular damage. If this causes my death please take the ball and run through the goal posts with. If she is going to make it obvious you have my word that an autopsy will find proof. we must use perps gifts/mistakes to our best advantage.

There are two sociopaths who are torturing me at this time. One is in 405D, which I mentioned before. The other is in 205D who I call compression socks. He is an old man in a wheel chair who is too crippled to do anything. The sociopaths somehow talked him into hosting a 50's 5'10" man with grey hair and a full beard to come over to his apartment with his microwave weapon to torture me. I met this man in the elevator and he was very surprised because he had come through the parking garage from the C building next door to avoid me. He was all but sweating bullets when I asked him what he had in his gym bag. It was very heavy and cut into his hand. Anyway that is the man who is sending microwaves through the floor right now. I am telling this for documentation purposes. Thanks for listening.  I live at 9240 2nd Ave SW apt 305D, seattle WA 98106.

I went downstairs to have a cigarette and got out on 2nd floor.  I was walking towards the South up the hall and the lady in 207D walked out of her apt. and looked at me like she knew me, but suspiciously.  she locked eyes with me two more times and if looks could kill, I wouldn't be here.   I kept walking towards her and when I was within 15 feet or so, she retreated back into her apt.  I then continued walking to the elevator and went outside.  That was interesting.  The lady was about 60years 5'5" with collar length gray hair.  She would be a stalker/perp.  This is another addition to my list.

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