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Monday, December 30, 2013

They Seem To Be Afraid Of Me For It Is My Second Shock & AWE Day In Three Days

The handlers (I have at least three ganging up on me today) are doing another shock and awe run with me.  The only problem is that I don't shock and I don't awe... at least for them.  
There are several things in my favor"
  1. I am not afraid so no shock and no awe
  2. I have a directional meter that showed me where they all are living in other words I know where they are and who they are.
  3. I have a large network of targeted individuals to help.
  4. They are telling lies which will work against them when I follow with the truth.
  5. some work for the apartment complex and is the corrupt manager.
  6. I am not sure if they are thinking clearly, but this type of crime depends on anonymity and psychological operations.  These people would have to be incredibly stupid to take a job killing people for money and think they will get away with it.  They can hurt me and they can kill me but short of that they are just digging themselves into a hole.  They will never break my spirit.  They obviously subscribe to the keep digging deeper philosophy of problem solving.  
  7. So here i am in my apartment.  I have shielding and am prepared for them.  we will see who outlasts whom.  If I get hurt, I will go to the doctor to try to get documentation.
  8. I live at 9240 2nd AVE. SW. APT 305D ,  Seattle WA 98106 
  9. Some of the perps live at 205D, 405D(pounding/DEW woman), 303D, 403D/503Daprox, 419D, Manager Dave.  As you can see they have me boxed in.  I have heard some of them arguing over who is going to get to torture me.  It is all very strange that these people would have taken jobs killing/torturing Citizens in their homes.  They have proven that they will commit murder for money.  This seems stupid on first glance, but there are people without scruples who do that type of thing.  People are just figuring it out and will be leery about having these people loose and unsupervised withing the community.  They really need to be under constant supervision either in custody or monitored very closely.  They have psychopathc/sociopathic tendencies and must be treated as potential terrorist suspects.
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