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Monday, December 23, 2013

The Handler As An Artist Of Pain And How The Targeted Individual Is Affected

Hello, it is 7:30pm on December 23rd 2013 and 2 days before Christmas.  I know very well that there is no torture free days off for the holidays.  Every day is a torture day and the purpose of it is to wear the TI down.  The TI is allowed to sleep only when he is worn out to exhaustion.   I am kept up well into the night ensuring that I do not get enough sleep and am constantly in a state of sleep deprivation.

The reason it is heavier than usual tonight is because I had some good posts on line and the goal is to discredit me and punish me for posting.  The method to discredit me is to cause me to loose my temper in some way so that I cause a scene, argument, fight or call the police.  My goal is to avoid doing that.  The thing about it is that I am tortured most of the time so that I may have what I refer to as a synthetic psychotic break.  This psychotic break is supposed to be because I will potentially not be able to take the torture at some point and it will be in the form of a break down or a break out.  I know the drill very well and this is pure physical torture.  My handler has been working on giving me bruises all over the tops of my forearms, hands, fingers toes and torso and head/brain.  These bruises are internal so that no bruising is seen and the inflammation is down internal to the muscles or tendons where it will not show.  This is an erasure of me designed by the military as what is referred to as a SLOW KILL.  Yes, the object is to kill me but ideally they are hoping I will be driven to suicide to make it easy for them.  Otherwise, I will eventually have a heart attack or stroke which will be determined to be death by natural causes and in any event no one will be held responsible.  If I do call the police the torture will be amped up so that I am ostensibly in a state of panic when the police arrive so that I appear to be agitated and irrational and it is always this way. Again, my goal is to remain calm and not to panic.  If I can do that, the whole process repeats and I get yet another day of the same treatment as I mentioned.

The people doing the torture are called handlers and they have a psychopathic or sociopathic personality, which is characterized by a stunning lack of empathy and guilt.  This is so, because a normal person with normal empathy
would soon develop post traumatic stress disorder if they were to torture another human being and these handlers do not.  They may even enjoy it, find it stimulating or simply not be bothered by it.  They sit at a computer with a heat sensitive image of me to watch on the screen, where they guide the weapon to very precisely target muscles, joints and organs using the mouse.  These weapons are very precise and as a matter of fact could in a different venue, be used by a skilled surgeon to perform certain types of surgery from a distance over the Internet.  These handlers have learned some basic anatomy and know the mechanics of certain common injuries so they can be induced.  Should the TI go to a doctor, he/she would be diagnosed with common ailments such as neuropathy, tendinitis or fibromyalgia to name a few.

The handlers have learned enough anatomy and common injuries to apply their stealth in an anticipatory stalking mode, in wait for opportunities to present themselves.  I am constantly receiving injuries throughout the day that I can tell are SUPPOSED to be accidental.  However I must assure you that I am fairly healthy and these injuries can in no way thought to be accidental.  They are constant and recurring.  The handler will inflict a special (to him/her) injury.  This one special injured area to be focused on as the day goes on and the handler will return time and time again to that one special area to work on it until inflammation causes it to be very sensitive and every strike with the weapon causes agonizing pain.  This special injury may be a muscle in the forearm, shoulder, torso, hand and so forth.  Lately it has been my brain, causing a pounding headache which is caused by swelling and tissue expansion.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about this horrendous national disgrace.  Only by speaking out with the truth can there be any hope of bringing an end to the abuse.  What I am talking about is abuse with Directed Energy Weapons, with one possible reason being to test these weapons as a deliverable for an Air Force Human Bioeffects Contract.  This is to test the effects of High Power Directed Energy (DE) on the human body and also on animals.  One contract like I am talking about was awarded in May of 2013 and will extend over a 7 year period, costing taxpayers $49,000,000.

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