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Friday, December 27, 2013

Targeted Individuals Are Forced On A Shock & Awe Run By Handlers

The psychopathic handlers are on what I would refer to as a shock and awe run.  During this phase they are going to try to make me break out into an induced psychotic break.  They will try to shock me with their weapons on an increasing pattern, so that I break on some kind of schedule that only they know about.  We have gone through this many many times before.
 I know there are cycles for instance daily, weekly, etc. but i am not sure how they work. Other times they use maintenance torture.  In any event, now is the time for an Aaron Alexis type of break out so the torture and sleep deprivation is increased.  I don't think they exactly want another Aaron Alexis type break out, because they seem to have chosen most of us for our low violence temperament.  Also, the people chosen are on balance very intelligent, with half having college degrees and many having advanced degrees.  Myself, I have undergraduate degrees in Computer Science, Biology and Electronics.  I am one who thinks for himself and doesn't just follow the herd and I am an activist. It does seem like they are targeting a lot of activists now.  

Continuing with the Shock and Awe run thread... Every now and then you get someone who just goes crazy and wants to take out others too.  Maybe the people who designed this program are just as sad, just as everyone else, if that happens.  ( Ya Think?)

Continuing on.. the handlers don't seem to care if I threaten them nor do they seem to care if I would hurt anyone else in the process.  By the way, please assume they do the same with all targeted individuals to one degree or another. These handlers have a job to do (however sick and depraved) and nothing will deter them from that.  It is like they are driving me into a constantly narrowing space with no turning back, except to (A.)break and fight or (B.) break down.  Their aim is to make me break out and we are on a ride and I can't get off until they are satisfied with the job they have done.  I am sure they are constantly in contact with their bosses, so I guess their bosses are in contact with those higher up in the government, who is paying their salary.  If there was any problem with their performance or the results of these Shock and Awe Runs, you would thing the people in our government who are dishing out millions of your tax dollars would say something, but that hasn't happened yet.  No, the folks who are paying the handlers salary must be perfectly happy with their deliverable results. 

Continuing on then, I can either call the police, go confront them in 205d or 405d (one in each of those APT's) or any combination of things that a panicked person might do.  This is their job (INDUCING PANIC) and the Citizens of the United States are paying for PANIC INDUCTION via SHOCK & AWE runs.  What has come before has lead to this now and what comes from this will lead to what? more targeting, more and better torture techniques for doing what they do in more efficient way?  Your guess?  You are paying extravagantly for this and you are by your silence, accepting this as a way of preparing for more and better things to come.  These people are sick and the government agency or entity who hired them is sick.  By silently allowing them and the government to continue these barbaric human experiments, you must be willing to accept the increasing use of electromagnetic weapons for social control, because that is exactly what it is.  They want to control me and I think you see how.  Will you wait until they control you to complain? What if you already are being controlled. After all, there is nothing special about me.  I worked all my life and have never been in trouble with the law.  I just woke up one day and found that I was a torture tread mill that I can't get off.  It seems to me that I am like an Eloi in the movie "Time Machine" by H. G. Wells.  The evil Morlocks have gotten me and the other Eloi don't care and are content to stand by and watch as a continuing parade of Eloi are taken to be eaten as food.  Think about it.
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