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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

H.G. Wells, The Time Machine Revisited And The Targeted Individual

The psychopaths who are torturing me never cease to amaze me with their viciousness and the greed is amazing. Their affect is the antithesis of patriotism, by pursuing their quest for riches by overcoming the infliction of themselves in place to subjugate their fellow man. We should not become complacent in allowing this to happen. Never was there a better reason for revolt against the powers that be.  The citizens of this country have been subjugated and enslaved by a tyrannical government.

 If anyone saw the old movie The Time Machine, one aspect of it is strikingly similar.  In it, an inventor makes a time machine and goes into the future where civilization has fallen and the native Eloi are living a simple but enjoyable life. At the same time they are given to accept their fate that the troll like Morlocks can choose which and how many of
them are to be taken and eaten for food. They put up no fight at all, and act like cattle. This is similar to TI's and when people are tortured we tell people who should help and should know.  Now they want nothing to do with us and will not believe us, just as the Eloi ignore the cries of their captured friends.  .The sanctity of life has been changed into something else for us and no one cares or even seems to remember what sanctity of life means anymore.

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