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Monday, December 16, 2013

How Would You React to Being Used In Terminal Human Experimentation

Blood Pressure & HR Taken 12/15/13
Hi, I just wanted to share this idea with you.   Can you imagine being used for human experimentation.  This seems like weapons research.  The experimenters have a need to injure me throughout the day with electromagnetic weapons and also they use a lot of shock and awe to prove to me there is no escape and I will not get out alive.  If you think this can't happen to you then you would be wrong.  In the video above I was very weak and close to passing out due to the beam weapon directed at my brain.  I made it for evidentiary purposes and to show the effects.

The handlers, by taking a job torturing people, have proven to the world that they will do anything for money.  They will torture and kill, so as a test, what else do you think these people will do for money?  Is there anything that normal people would hold more repugnant than someone who would actually accept money for subjugating an American Citizen and keeping him in a virtual cage in order to experiment on him with electromagnetic weapons.  What is worse, the despicable person who would do this or the Government which would look the other way in order to let this happen?

That blood pressure reading was taken when I was at rest.  Isn't the heart rate of 112bpm to high for an at rest reading?  The point of human experimentation is to do experiments they would not do on consenting test subjects.  This is why they can afford to pay more for this type human experimentation   It is illegal and unscrupulous people are waiting with their greedy hands out.  This is being perpetrated in the name of secrecy and security.  Even though illegal acts can not be covered with classification.  But if they are classified as top secret, how would anyone know they were illegal?  Some will suggest that it is my imagination.  I suggest that you would know if you were being electrified with a high energy (HE) weapon.  Think about it please.
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