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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Note no touch torture log for Jul 30 thru Aug. 10, 2014

6:34pm 304/ 60747
320/ 50464
Sat s 45d
Sat ne 80d
Cell twr e 20deg safeway lot
7:16 Handler can multiplex quickly between weapons in 302, 320, 329, sat so 45deg, sat se 80deg. Sats stay on when I measure. I took some pics.  Handler multiplexing between weapons at will, I believe only one handler with 3 or 4 accomplices in houses listed
304 50s man 5'10" gry hr  gry brd
320 5' 9" Frank 50s gr hr gry brd is gay has partner
7:38p stomac gurgling loudly from beam to colon
Handler got on duty at 7:00p

10:09pm im really baffled how the people around me can let psychopaths put weapons in there houses. I detect the signal comming from several of the houses around me.  They must be getting payments from the handler.
320, 329, 304