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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NTT Torture Log for Tuesday1-28-2014 and some days back, to now

Two social health workers came to my apartment on Friday 1/24/2014. They were there at the request of the apartment manager's who are involved in some way. The social workers were told that I had produced a gun and was waving it around. This was a rumor started by perps and it didn't go anywhere. Strangely, the two woman said they had heard of this targeting (TI) issue!! WOW!!
This send a message to them that no longer will mental health services be a party to murder and human experimentation. They were nice and these women at least do not railroad TI's into the psych ward.
These women will write a report and since it is not like all the others it will open eyes. They asked me questions about it. I gave them a copy of the Air Force Contract paying 50,000,000 for human experimentation biological effects data.

 the social workers did not mention that she was making noise pounding on my ceiling as a form of constant harassment, but I brought it up.  This noise harassment has been going on since October of 2013.  The woman who lives in 405D hosts at least one man at any one time who comes there for the sole purpose of irradiating me with directed energy weapons (ELF and Microwave).  This is to fulfill the Air Force contract deliverable of human testing of Directed Energy (DE).

I recorded the audio of the conversation with social workers and a link to it is below. Small victories add up.

7:00am to   A man has been torturing me all morning from apt 405D. He is extreemly quiet.  
10:30PM 405D just came on line with ELF and beams to arms and wrists and hands.
205D has been on since afternoon, using Microwave mostly
arms are aching so took advil 600mg
was going out to smoke at 5:00p and received a hip injury as I was leaving the gate from the courtyard.
405D is being the heavy as usual.  No shame in that woman.  All psychopath

Tuesday 1/28 7:09am  microwaving from apt 205D just came on line. the device is right under my legs in front of my seat.  To remind, this is the apartment of a disabled man who is hosting an able handler who does not live there.
8:10am the handlers watch must be off.  he ramped up the microwaves so that it will be impossible to sit down and relax.  I must move to avoid pain in my legs from the microwave energy he is projecting through the floor of my apartment from 205D.

9:03am the handler in 205D is attacking and harassing me by projecting a chemical on the wall onto my head.  I keep hearing and feeling a THUNK, THUNK sound at the back of my head.  I am familiar with this type of harassment.  The chemical is an electrolyte used to increase conductivity between two points on the body.  I know what I am talking about.  read my article chemical harassment.  This is used on most TI's even though most do not realize.  Just think if you ever felt a stinging in your eyes and your glasses had a misty look or droplet stains on them.  You clean them off and within a few minues you feel the stinging again and look to find the stains are on your glasses again.  Most will dismiss it due to feeling it would be insane to tell anyone.  It is not insane.  I wear a leather hat indoors to keep the chemicals off my scalp.  Another target is the pubic area, a mans scrotum is the target for these attacks.  This is because many blood vessels are close to the surface and introduction of a trans-dermal chemical on the scrotum is like getting into the blood stream almost immediately.  The pubic area is vulnerable.  Men will notice that they have become impotent after the targeting.  The reason for this is because an electrolyte on that area acts to direct energy up through the body to another point where the electrolyte is present.  The high energy kills sensitive nerves, causing impotence.  I know this to be true from first hand experience.

10:00am  Psychopaths are very competitive.  They don't like to lose and being a subject of human experimentation of DE is not a good place to be if a psychopath has the DE weapons on you.  I didn't put or want to be in this spot.  But here I am and they put me here and I will be damned if i will run for any of these nare-do-wells. They try to break you.  They try to make you squirm and run.  But what if you are old and can't run so well anymore and the pain is just pain.  I have had a psychopath aim a weapon at my trigonal nerve and I heard my molars crack.  The one that did that really worked me over.  I guess if one of these fellas wants to through their guide book out the window then they could do some damage.  They are trying to use the ELF beam to make me stop writing, publishing, whatever.

Imagine a man sitting behind a computer monitor watching what looks like a thermal image of me on his screen.  He watches me like this all day, thats his job!  He watches me eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, take a shower, whatever I do he watches me.  He is always waiting for just the right time to beam me with an ELF weapon for a simulated injury and then to jot the info down into the database for the Air Force 50,000,000 contract deliverable data on DIRECTED ENERGY BIOEFFECTS RESEARCH (DEBR).  He may have to run experiments like the 400lb woman in 405D who pounds on the floor with her foot.  The object of that is to sensitize me to the pounding which is interspersed with pain from an ELF weapon.  I guess they want me to flinch from the noise as if I were a soldier in a war zone who had PTSD.  Yes that is exactly what they are doing and they do all this on your tax dollars and consider it money well spent.  What do you think about their accomplishment? Another one of the handlers jobs is to be an octopus on the phone.  He will make many phone calls to perps who come into range of the TI.  I think perps get notified via their phone when I get within so many feet.  It is the handlers job to coordinate their efforts like an orchestra conductor.  He wants to make it just as bad and hard for me as possible.  One last thing is that it is the handlers job to get the TI to conform and not cause any trouble.  They get a lot of leeway on how to do this.  They can use pain as a motivator for instance.  Actually pain it their only motivator.

The ELF weapon is an extension of themselves and because they see themselves as patriots.  I call it their Big Red White And Blue D*ck, which they wave in the air proudly.  For all that they receive big payments.  I guess you thought there must be some kind of a payoff.  They would not torture humans for free.  Also, they do have the stigma of accepting payments for torturing and killing their fellow Americans in their homes and so they get the big bucks.  I guess they would torture anyone if they were paid for it.  That would be the criteria they use for justifying their actions.  If a person is on the list and someone pays them money, then they must deserve to be tortured to death and used as a lab animal.  This is the life of a secret citizen agent with an ID and lies that can fool many into complicity.  But they are not so secret are they and they are in a line of work that most would cringe just thinking about.

They do have all the comfort of knowing 'It Is For The Greater Good', will provide.  After all, who couldn't see the greater good in torturing American Citizens in their own homes, greater or otherwise.  I can tell you that this type of work where they get to be in charge of a human with a DE weapon, is a psychopaths wet dream.  They get around all that lawyery legalease red tape that has hampered people from murdering people in the past, to a point where they can really do some good.  They are the Stasi-American vanguard of the coming police state.  WEEEHOOO...mentally wave little flags here... Shouldn't we have a big patriot parade for them if they didn't shy away from the law and all that stuff.  In the end, they are what they are, sociopathic or psychopathic heros.  They think about the greater good as much as they think about quantum physics.  They live for the moment and never use history as a guide nor do they think about the future and the consequences of their actions.  This whole torture kill program is part of the NSA/CIA nation building human trafficking and tortured past when the US broke moral, ethical and legal laws to put the name America in the mud.  Remember that when you see one of these people in the street and really give him/her the salute they deserve.

You would be well advised to stay off the list.  But then you don't have control over who gets on the list.  For instance I have not done anything wrong and do not have a criminal record.  I believe I got on the list because my partner of 7 years was having sex parties while I was at work.  It was one of those 'people leading two separate lives' things you hear on the news about.  So she was a psychopath and I found out the hard way, how does that make me eligible for the list.  After all I didn't do anything wrong.  This is where you need to understand the rationale of psychopaths.  They don't think like you would expect.  I spoiled the fun and for that there is a burn it to the ground punishment syndrome.  I said they have a different way of looking at things.  LOVEINT is a search term for spying on your significant other, because you can.  She knew where I was at any point in time because she had connections.  There was a policeman and fireman involved who lived on my street and I guess maybe they were worried I may retaliate.  I believe this is how I qualified for that accurate and just list.  How would you like to have one of these patriots as your neighbor?  It gives a new meaning to the phrase "have gun will travel".  You could say I am a disgruntled human trafficking subject.  It is my opinion that they are cowards hiding behind that monitor.  I would like to see cleaning crews turning out to clean up the vermin mess.  I would like to see these particular so called patriots treated like the rats they are.  What they really need is a dose of their own medicine.

So what do you think about the job of a handler.  I want to put them all in jail and then sort it out later.  They actually think they will get immunity from prosecution.  No one gave the german extermination camp guards immunity from prosecution.   They will get no special treatment.  Their problem is that they believed the psychopath who told them they would get immunity.  Any psychopath knows a lie is as good as the truth if you can get someone to believe it.

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