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Thursday, May 10, 2012

the president must be aware that american citizens are being tortured under a program that uses 24/7 electronic surveillance, chemical attacks and organized stalking, which I call domestic terrorism.  Since he must be aware of the programm, he must also be aware of how the program works and under which the torture is being carried out on American citizens.   It can therefore be said that the president is OK with americans being tortured under the program, even though he says publicly that "we don't torture".  That being the case, The question must be asked:  ;What is the purpose of torturing thousands of American Citizens to death, without due process, in a court of law.  We have this constitution that says everyone has inalienable rights, except people chosen in secret, to be singled out in order to torture them to death, for reasons which are secret.

Also, if indeed the president is ok with torturing american citizens to death.  He must know that killing them all is not possible, before being discovered.  There are always survivors and as careful as the perpetrators are to kill everyone and remove all traces, history tells us that a program this big has too many moving parts and that the people who survive will tell the whole story.  This happened with MKULTRA and will surely happen with this unfortunate black period in American history as well.  The longer this goes on, the worse it will look.  Too many people already know about the program and more is discovered everyday.  This program may be responsible for the decline of our american culture and society, with trust in  our government being destroyed due to mistrust of the government by its people.  Probably sooner than later, this program will be formally outed and stopped.  Why not just get over this and stop it now before any more damage is done to our society, which will surely bring it over the threshold to be damaged.  

We know that this program began under president bush.  Now we have chosen a Democratic president with liberal values, who can but will not stop the torture of american citizens.  This would mean that the people cannot trust anyone and we are in a state of anarchy.  This program cannot stand in a functioning society with a functional judicial system.  Someone will eventually stand up and fix what is obviously broken, so we can get back on the path to a functional society once again.

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