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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Unburdened Mind • Damn Interesting

The Unburdened Mind • Damn Interesting

This is a subject that everyone needs to be familiar with..  I do not believe it is intuitively understood when someone hears the definition of Psychopathy.  Someone who does not feel empathy for another is a complex subject to understand.  Until reading this, I tended to underestimate the seriousness of why it maybe critical to look out for this.

I also came to understand that most perpetrator's of No Touch Torture are psychopaths!  They would go insane otherwise.

There is one more thing on the subject of mind control, the supposed reason that torture is part of the NTT experience is TRAUMA, as in trauma based mind control.  I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but in thinking about why it was part of the NTT experience has bothered me until I realized that trauma induces ambivalence in one who is systematically tortured.  This is not what one would think of at first.  I am being tortured and therefore feel like I could successfully defend myself to the death if necessary against a perpetrator of NTT.  I still may not technically meet the definition of Psychopath, but may act like one at least when it comes to defending myself against perpetrators of NTT.  This would be a sick and depraved reason to torture someone, but it may be what the designers of NTT experience were trying to achieve.

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