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Sunday, May 13, 2012

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I have been microwaved more than usual lately.   I have noticed that I have been feeling light headed lately and have passed out once and woken up on the floor.  Just yesterday, I discovered that passing out is due not to systemic issues with me, but to poison which the perpetrators fire at me.  Not all of the poison that is fired at my body is absorbed into my skin all at once, some is sitting on the surface of my skin and when I expend energy to stand and walk, a new amount enters my blood stream due to the exertion and I get a head rush of poison which causes the light headedness.   

I belong to a group and within the group, I am a member of a committee to find ways to help everyone in the organization and ultimately the TI community.  The new aggressivity of the perpetrators with me may be related to retaliation for the perpetrators feeling we are a threat.  I say full speed ahead.  Another day of a poor quality of life is not life.  I am one who will fight them to my last breath.  

Even now the perpetrators are being more aggressive, because I am writing this.  I am standing up to them and I want them to feel my disgust for them.   They probably believe they are patriots or some other conservative garbage platitudes they bestow on themselves.  They are not patriots, but more like despicable creatures who have no conscience.  My handler is showing me he disagrees, BUT IT IS TRUE!.  They are Nazi PIGS who take orders from their brown shirt SS waffenfuhrer.  They kill and torture all the live long day and want their killing to go smoothly so the fuhrer is happy with their progress and efforts.  They do whatever they are told, moral or not.  The perpetrators are disgusting and must be shown as much disrespect and aggressiveness as is humanly possible.
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