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Friday, May 25, 2012

Protection from poison and daily log

I just bought a Bissel carpet cleaner/extractor.  It works very well for the 200.00 price.  I would have had to rent for 40-50, the route I went last time.  It seems that the perpetrators have a new to me way of getting the poison into my apartment.  A perp places poison on the ground outside of my appartment at the request of my handler.  Then they wait for the window to be open, at which time they fire a big piece into my livingroom, like a catapult.  I have stains all over my rug from poison that was fired into the house in that way.  From the rug, they fire secondary ammounts onto walls and other places.  They also fire some medium pieces toward the bath room, landing just in front of the bathroom door.  This is how they replenish the poison in the bathroom over and over again, after I clean it.
Today I put some plastic in front of the sliding door, so the door can be open to let air in but since the plastic remains over the door, the poison will not let it fly past.  I will see how this works and give an update.

I did have a break in last week where a perp climbed partway up stairs and squirted poison onto the side of my leather couch.  Leather makes it easy to clean off.  I have had cloth furniture and it is impossible to clean.

The bed is another issue.  The handler started shooting poison into the pillows, so that when I use a pillow, they can shoot poison at the side of my head and into my ears all night.  Since i now used a pillow covered in plastic, (yes it is uncomfortable), they have started shooting poison into the mattress which gets me all over.  I discovered it due to perpetual ringing ears and put down a plastic covered excerise mat on the matress.  (that is uncomfortable too, but better than being poisoned all night).  If there is poison on the walls that I have not cleaned off, then i uses a 6mil plastic tarp on top of the covers.   6 mil plastic will deflect the poison, but less thickness pierces the plastic.  two 3 mil pieces of plastic will not work because they pierce the first and then fire the  poison that is on the remaining layer which gets to you.  Also remember not to let the plastic touch your skin while you sleep because the handler shoots poison onto the plastic where it touches your body and can make the energy concentrated at that point which can harm the body part that is touching.  A dirty trick of theirs is to get a piece of poison metal into my ear and they work it down the ear canal to the ear drum.  Then they can torture your ear drum and it is hard to remove.  They keep sparking it, until you I cant take it any more, to say nothing of the damage to my ear drum.  It will wash out with a squeeze bulb as used to remove wax in the ear canal.  This works.... use warm water and flush until clear.

For microwaves and chemical attacks, I have been experimenting with an ice pack on my head (usually in my hat).  This apparently distorts the neural signal to the handler and they have a harder  time tracking and targeting parts of my body with the DEW weapon.  I inhibits aiming and targeting.  It is not perfect, but if you need a break or are being hit hard, it can make a big difference.  The only problem is that your head gets cold.
James Lico
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