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Friday, May 25, 2012

I have discovered that the political shows are now getting down and dirty with republicans and their lying.  Republicans now lie all the time with contempt and seem to be getting more and more agressive and contemptuous with the lying, while moving further to the right.  They have been taking pictures of the republicans while they are talking, waiting for a still shot that makes them look crazy.  They show this over and over again.  It has the effect of making them look unbalanced to others who see the pictures.

This was not done before as well as anger in their voices.  For instance the attorney general of Nevada is a birther wanting Obamas birth certificate before he would put him on the ballot for the general election in Nevada.  His picture showed his eyes bugging out when reporting on it.  They called him and he gave in right away.  Also I think the Secret service men who were disciplined for having prostitutes in a restricted area were busted on purpose because it was said that the supervisors knew of the bust before hand.  I believe that President Obama is getting his stuff in order so that after he wins the election, he can concentrate on rounding up the psychopaths who are targeting us.
I am convinced that President Obama will have a tough election  but will win, after which he will not have to worry about re-election.  He can then do all the things he has been putting off.  We should win both houses of congress too, due the backlash against the republicans who have been moving further and further to the right with the tea baggers.  This explains why he has not helped us so far.  He would never get elected if he did something in his first term due to the aggressive republicans.

If you have not been listening, republicans want to overturn Roe vs Wade and have outlawed abortions in states with republican governors.  You may have heard of the republican war on women?  The republicans want to make birth control illeagle.  They also want to institute the Ryan budget which gives more tax breaks to the rich at the expense of medicare, medicade, food stamps, welfare and other programs.  They want to dismantle Obama Care too.  I can now get insurance with pre existing conditions.  This was impossible before.
Please remember that Barak Obama is an American, born in Hawaii.  He is a christian and not a muslem.  I look at political news all the time.  Also they will say that he has increased spending by tri;llians of dollars, but that is not true, in fact spending in his first term has remained flat.  Infact, it is lower than spending by Both Bushes, Reagan and Clindon.  I say spending is flat for Obama, meaning he has not increased spending at all.  Please check out this point.
They call Romney etch-a-sketch because he is always flip flopping on the issues and is a chronic lyer.... check it out.

Obama is the only one who can put an end to the mind control torture.  Republicans started the program and will not do a thing to stop it.  Make your vote count!

James Lico
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