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Thursday, May 8, 2014

NTT-Torture Log For 5-5 to 5-8-14

Mon. May 5 2014  My handler is being heavy handed with me lately.  I believe he is angry with me for referring to him as a moron.  Can you imagine a little man sitting at a computer terminal with the use of a directed energy weapon he is ready, willing and able to fire at me deciding that he is angry at me.  This wicked little man is likely either a psychopath or a sociopath with no remorse for anything he does now, has done in the past or will ever do in the future.  He doesn't care about me or anyone else and in fact cares only about himself and what he is getting to do his dirty work.  When you hear about someone targeting his mother for pay,  you are hearing about the poor miscreant I am talking about.  You see, a normal person could not torture another human being without getting debilitating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the activity.  We have inherent empathy (compassion) built into us for our fellow humans and other creatures.  We cannot watch it being done let alone doing torture to your fellow man without being injured in the process.  Our government put this man in charge of another human being who has done nothing wrong  He is an innocent person who is being used for human experimentation.  We are so sanctimonious about our duty to keep people safe, yet we let our government do something like this to tens of thousands of innocent people, using psychopaths with lethal weapons.

handler is:
causing atrial fibrillation to my heart

9:37pm I just had an insight about having a chip around my right shoulder blade near between spine and inside shoulder blade.  The reason I think this is because I am getting stinging sensations in that area.  At first I thought it was chemicals put in that area, but now I have removed chemicals from the wall where I sit.  I think maybe it is about a %50 chance of being a chip, but that is easy to check.  I need another scan anyway because I believe i have other chips.  I need to check my upper lip after surgery at Auburn Medical Hospital and my left foot in mid sole.  The foot always itches and I now notice it itching when I am accessed with microwaves.  These are two places where I can remove chips possibly.

5/6/14 8:56pm I just finished my supper of beef stew which Pat made.  In the last five minutes, i have received Directed Energy Weapon beam injuries to my lower back (left), thumb (right) and right knee.  I was doing some grooming and I guess my handler does not like me doing that.  Well OK handler... what ever you like.  I am here at the disposal of the handler.

Where do they get these moron psychopaths.  They give them directed energy weapons to boot and put them in charge of human beings to do weapons testing for the Air Force DEBR contract.  What could go wrong.

5/8/14 7:12pm my head near right temple is being beamed with Directed energy (ELF waves) and my legs are beamed also.

I had to go to the courthouse in Kent today to get a restraining order against David Shurter at 331 Main Street in Algona.  While there I was attacked with directed energy.

The handlers doing this Human Trafficking seem to believe they are some kind of secret agents.  They think nothing will happen to them for their inability to do the right thing ie. to refrain from attacking and injuring people with directed energy weapons.  The handlers in my opinion are of low intelligence and somewhat psychopathic to psychopathic.  They are just the type of people who are just smart enough to run the machines, but not smart enough to think for themselves.  They need overseers to think for them and they regurgitate what they are told.

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