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Friday, November 15, 2013

NTT Torture Log for Friday, November 15 2013

my handler today is using the beam weapon to disrupt my oxygen intake, so I get very out of breath very fast.  This happens much faster than it should or has ever in the past.  My heart starts beating fast, probably well over 100 beats per minute.  It is beating much faster than it should for the exertion I did.
It is as if I had walked up several flights of stairs in a hurry.  This must be the new way to kill people with these weapons now.  It seems like I may get a stroke or a heart attack from this.  It happens when I am even mildly exerting myself.  Maybe it is only a pavlovian type response that my handler is trying to train/punish me not to do.  So far it has only happened when I bang on the ceiling because the person in the apartment above mine is banging on their floor at all hours of the day and night.  This isn't just normal noise, this noise is timed for times of stress where the person knows exactly when to make this noise and I think that the fact that I can't do anything about it because I have tried is also a factor that makes it just another way to torture me in an already tortured life.  In other words, my handler wants me to know that this noise is something I can't do anything about and is made to sound like walking, but if you listen closely you notice that it is more like a fist pounding on the floor.  I have been wondering if my handler is living in the apartment above mine (405D), because they time this pounding to their doing other things that are tortuous or a stressful event.  If he/she is not my handler and just a low level thug, then they are on the phone to my handler all the time.  While this sounds odd and actually insane, it is something they would do, except they would be on the phone all the time.

However I am very seriously thinking now that if I were to go up to apartment #405D 9240 2nd Ave. SW, Seattle WA 98106, and knock on the door.. right now.. that I would be talking to my handler.  A 50's overweight lady using a walker has answered the door on two occasions but I have seen an older man in there reverse looking through the peep hole.  Also, a mid 20's man knocked on my door to complain about me banging on the ceiling, saying that he was the residents son.  Whoever really lives there or is just visiting, they are in collusion with the handler or are actually my handler and are torturing me from that apartment (405D).

This must be the newest thing from psychopaths R US, in that they have not used it before in exactly this way.  It is new to me anyway.  I have gotten out of breath when I shouldn't have but I guess they can do that till death.  I just wanted to put that out there so that in case I don't survive, people will know what they are up to.
I mean people die all the time and it is written off as natural causes, when it isn't or may not be.  It won't be in my case, because I am in fairly good shape for someone in my position or for my age.  I can still run to catch a football or walk up the stairs and pretty much anything.  So to die from just being in my apartment is at the far end of the galaxy of possibilities (handler showing displeasure).

I was just leaving when I realized that I am noticing this new method of NSA suicide occurs when I am having an oxygen deficit.  The handler can either increase my heart rate directly or does so by cutting off my oxygen supply or blood flow to the brain, etc..  You can probably figure out what is happening.  You can just email me and I will be glad to discuss it with you.  Thanks.
May write more later
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