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Sunday, October 20, 2013

NoTouchTorture log for Saturday, October 19th 2013

tonight my psychopathic handler private contractor, is irradiating me with a infrasonic beam weapon as though he thinks he has every right to torture me.  He is beaming my left hand and wrist so that the wrist feels like it is inflamed.
 he is spending a good deal of time on that, like it will be his masterpiece. I am able to
move the hand out of the way which relieves the pain, however this person will re-aim the beam to lock onto my hand again and again, until he is through.  He sits in the comfort of his home, behind a computer from which he guides the weapon onto a thermal image of my body.  He can see, hear me and my heartbeat and respiration in real time.  This is the latest technology developed by the military and or agencies.  It is classified along with this torture/kill program to keep it hidden from the public.

 It is illegal to classify something like the human experimentation of torture/kill techniques because it is a crime against humanity and also remember "WE DON'T TORTURE" said President Obama.  The president is remaining silent on the torture of American Citizens, even though Targeted Individuals testified at the Presidents Bioethics and twitter @bioethics and also @bioethicsgov.  Please look at my evidence and judge for yourself... Is an investigation warented?  Doctors, Bioethicists and Targeted Individuals gave volumes of testimony even an incompetent moron couldn't ignore.  Wont you please listen to the testimony on YOUTUBE of those that gave testimony and see for yourself.  This next step should be the presidents to make.  Please show him and our lawmakers why it will be more embarrassing to wait.  People are being hurt, people are being tortured and people are being killed the longer he waits.

I think this issue is an important thing for a BIOETHICS Committee to investigate.  This is a scandal, especially after the Church Committee investigation found grave human rights violations, for which President Clinton apologized saying it would not happen again.  Now it is happening again, as a result of misinterpretations of the patriot act.  The MKULTRA program instead of being disbanded has resurfaced in tact with all the new Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) torture added on along with the worst of the rest of the dirty tricks to discredit, victimize, life destruction and torture testing.

I have undergrad degrees in Biology, Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Technology.  I am qualified to make observations on the feasibility of what I say and so are the medical doctors and bioethics  who testified, which can be easily checked out.  Waiting only makes the pain for victims worse and increases the death tole of victims.  It also makes the final outcome increasingly more embarrassing for the administration. Are they waiting for TI's to die off, so the cost will not be so great.  Do not let them do it.  Even if no payout is decided, an end to this horrific program is warranted right now.  Please,  we need your help to make this happen.  The administration seems incapable of making this decision.

Continuing with the torture delivered to me is similar to all others.  These psychopathic contractors usually live near the TI so they can call organized stalkers in to make trouble for the TI, because they like the personal touch  Earlier, he irradiated my intestines, my right toe, the tips of the fingers on my right hand and my penis.  Surely this man is a curiosity.  Someone should pay him a visit and see what kind of a man he is.  Also, he has a friend in D405, the apartment above mine.  This man talked a woman into letting him stay there while he POUNDS on the floor.  That's right... he pounds on the floor so that it makes my heart rate and pulse elevate I guess.  This is all designed to induce someone to either break out or break down (everyone has heard of Aaron Alexis break out).  This is HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION at its worst folks and we need to find out who is doing it and why before there are more mass shooting tragedies and more loss of life and more suffering.

Well .. that's it from the TI mill tonight.  Little known fact:  I have three handlers at least, because they work in eight hour shifts.  These people are private contractors, who work for a large corporation or company which has a government contract.

If I was a reporter, I would be all over this TOP SECRET Air Force DEBR contract.  There is no way they can find volunteers because it is a nightmare of RISK, if todays rules are followed for human experiment volunteers.  NO... They will do the research on Humans and Animals under the terms of the contract, remotely using new or existing non-consensual human test subjects.  Is this really what we want to do in a civilized society?  I implore you to help to fix this now, because it boils ultimately down to Murder.

Contract awarded April 2013

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