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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NTT Torture log for Tuesday, September 1st 2013

I am getting this posted late, as it is 4:08 on Wednesday now, but it is for Tuesday.  
Today the torture is there, but not as much as yesterday.  torture increased when I was on
the phone with TI's United weekly telephone call giving my story along with some others.  It didn't go especially well since I was microwave the whole time and it was hard to concentrate.  I will have to write even basic things down.  If these psychopaths don't want you to be doing something, they can make it very difficult.  

I found out that Christine, a regular attendee of the conference calls has committed suicide.  Everyone and especially Renata was deeply effected.  I didn't know Christine because I haven't attended the calls for a year, but I found myself reflective too.  I went to here facebook memorial.  Renata called her roommate to get details and to tell them what Christine was like from her view point.  Very touching and proper.  The psychopaths would never understand this.

Later in the afternoon the handler concentrated on my heart.  I was having heart palpatations and skipped beats.  I have come to believe that the handlers do this to try to kill the TI.  They put the beam into my chest cavity somewhere to make my heart labor, I guess acting like an artificial load on the heart.  I try to make the damage less by using shielding and I think it works a little.  
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