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Thursday, October 3, 2013

NTT torture log for Thursday October 3rd 2013

At least 6 times, windows crashed (Blue Screened).  In my opinion the handler is doing this.  I had a bout of this in Big Bear City CA, a few months ago.
 These people get an Idea and run with it as a psyops, trying always to drive the TI over the edge.  I am a computer engineer and if it is one thing I know is how to wipe a drive and then put an operating system on a hard drive and fix it when it breaks.  It probably would be more psychologically depleting to screw up something that the TI knows well.  Maybe if it works and it bothered me.  The thing is that I can fix it so I am just happy that it is doable.  Now that I think of it, other TI's are telling me of their computer problems.  I will have to ask if they are bluescreens or something else.  These psychopaths are so creative and go out of their way to prepare a problem with just the right touch for their personality.  They are artists of pain.

My previous handler I guess got frustrated and went so far as to corrupt my operating systems, numerous times.  I put 4 on one computer within a 2 week period.  Actually, I believe he either got frustrated and angry because I kept fixing it and was not going to let me get away with it.  I think it was frustrating for both of us.  Anyway, he just stopped after two weeks.  I guess he couldn't take it anymore.  The thing is to persevere and in this case to keep on fixing the computer.  It also helps to have a back up computer in case something needs to get done.  There is nothing more frustrating to a handler than someone who knows what they are doing, knows about the technology, has a meter that can locate direction of their signals and nowhere to go and all day to get there.

I wonder if I am expected to be shocked because the computer keeps crashing.  I really like working with computer and know that now that I am logging my handlers interuptions and my work, it may lead to something.  At least he will be known for this by everyone in the world.  it's like the government shutdown being an unusual event and going viral, well this is the same thing.  A computer crash is no big deal, but dozens and dozens of them day after day, especially happening to a computer engineer with three college degrees is a bit unusual.  Normally I have just fixed the computer when it breaks or crashes.  I don't like logging events like this, but if I don't, they can get out of hand.
The reason I know it is the handler crashing my computer and not something else, is because he wants me to know.  TI's know what I mean by this.  It is the same with psyops and torture, they want the TI to know.  They can do it so that you may not realize it, but psychologically torturing people is their favorite pastime.  I am retired now and it is really counter productive to be in a hurry to fix what they screw up.  Haste does make waste and cause errors.  It's better to take the time you need and do it right.  You will gain skill, so it does get easier and faster:)

As for physical torture, yesterday was better, with little torture and only one handler.  Today it is medium with at least two handlers at the same time.  I suppose I get more than one handler because I use shielding and they don't want me to miss the full TI torture experience.  If everyone used shielding, this program would be over, because it would bankrupt them, among other things.  We need to stand up to them, because they are cowardly and it works.  They are more afraid of us than we are of them.  I have proved this to myself numerous times.  In Big Bear City, CA a thug came out and accused me of taking a picture of his truck.  I did but he had to look sideways to the lot next door to see it.  I had seen numerous vehicles in that one house.  He was belligerent and combative.  He told me how lucky I was to be still standing.  I tried opening a dialog with him and this set off a chain of events.  He got extremely nervous.  This was probably due to his having already said his lines that he prepared for his gas-lighting or one act play.  Since he had no more lines and was having to ad-lib, he naturally was put in a stressful position.  In addition, he had to face me and talk to me, but was not able to do that.  He started yelling louder and two more thugs came to join him.  one of them said I am going to kick your ass and grabbed the gate latch making alot of noise but then realized I was not running but standing there watching his movements carefully, so he stopped.  This was unexpected for them so my psyops on them begins.  My point is that you can keep talking past their one act play and into act two.  Since they have not prepared, they are usually lost.  Turn the tables on them by doing something they don't expect.

This is my first Official log entry
10/3/13 12:02pm windows recovered from unexpected shutdown

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