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Saturday, October 5, 2013


My handler is quite active tonight.  My computer was broken and i was trying to put off writng in my blog for a while longer. 
I suspect getting me to stop writing was the goal, i just had to do it anyway.  The current handler is a sadist.  Sadists get a sexual kick from the torture and try to put their own special touch to exact the most pain they can.  My finger tips are burned when i write and my spine is burned on my upper back to give a fibromyalgia feel. My heart is also a favorite target.  Many illnesses can be mimicked in that way.  This beam they use, burns immediately and cause inflamation that lasts for hours.  I take advil mainly to combat the inflamation. 

The static magnetic field produced by magnets works to disrupt the beam.  The weapon can adapt to a static field somewhat.  A dynamic magnetic field that changes randomly will work to block it better.  I am constantly made aware that many people are being targeted with EM weapons who are not aware they are being targeted.  My handler is reading right along with me and especially  hates the last sentence.  The existance of this program is hard to take, but it's time.  We just can't put it off any longer. 
To tell if the pains you have are caysed by this weaponry, do the following.  Try turning 180 degrees and the pain should be relieved for 3 to 5 seconds, if the inflamation is not too much.  If the pain is in hands or legs, moving them should provide a few seconds of relief. 
This program is covert and leaves no trace.  TI's are not believed because they are diagnosed with a mental illness.  In fact, one of the first things a new TI goes through is the engineered rush to get them to call emergency services.  This is how they get discredeted.  They are then deemed to be mentally ill and are ignored.  If you are thinking of saying something about what is going on, just don't wait until you are targeted.
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