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Thursday, May 23, 2013

log for Wednesday, 5/22/2013

log for Wednesday, 5/22/2013 
The house on the south side of 821 Fir Lane, Big Bear City CA 92314 has no number, but should be the next odd number 823.  I am told that a disabled old lady lives there, but there have been many scruffy looking characters in and out of there.  Two of them I mentioned about two weeks ago.  They just do not belong.  They say they are there to help the lade get dressed and eat and go to the bathroom.  They are out of place and unfit for this.  Anyway, when they are there, I can feel and measure electromagnetic radiation coming from that direction.  It apparently goes through Twilla's house.  As I said before, both of them threatened to beat me up.  Today they are back again and I can feel and measure EM radiation from that direction.
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