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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Psychopathic torturers need to register with police, just as sex offenders do

I still am amazed how many people will approached by someone with some misplaced authority, who may very well be an imposter, who will tell people, present phony credentials and then tell lies about a Targeted Individual and get them to turn on someone who is innocent of wrong doing.  I remember watching a tv reality show where
individuals were shown a badge by an imposter and asked to do things like take someone else's child or put a drug in someones drink and they actually did those things. The statistics are that a full two thirds of people confronted by an someone with phony credentials will do whatever the perpetrator wants to perpetrate against the alleged victim.

 It is the psychopathic handler located in the targeted individuals location, (Big Bear City in this case) who orchestrates the harassment of the Targeted Individual, for the simple reason that he knows the towns people and can quickly call ahead of the Targeted Individual for harassment purposes, to organize stalkers to be at the Targets destination waiting for him, or deny services like medical prescription, auto repairs, banking services, housing, etc.  All of this in pursuit of a never ending investigation.  Basically give some bogus credentials and say anything to cause doubt in the mind of the business, merely to harass the Targeted Individual.

 doing this under pretended  authority of the Government and until the people in power change things, then this will happen again and again.  The longer they wait the harder it will be.  People are being duped and there will be a back lash, when people finally find out about what is happening in the name of law, safety and security.  There seems to be a change coming however and I just hope it comes sooner than later.  You really need to feel justified in defying these people because they are criminals and they know it.  It isn't any kind of valid medical testing like people say.  It is torture tolerance testing, to see how the kill ratio can be increased as they try new torture techniques.  This is in effect murder, and as such it is a war crime against humanity.  The handlers main job is to sit at his computer and operate directed energy electromagnetic weapons to cause pain, damage to body parts and eventually death to the target from slow kill methods on a 24/7 basis.  The targeted individual is under 24/7 surveillance and followed everywhere they go, even into the toilet and I mean everywhere.  The handler can see and hear everything the targeted individual says and see everything the targeted individual sees.The menticide/genocide targeted individual programs, are referred to as testing or human experimentation.  This is wrong.  A more descriptive program name is "Torture Tolerance Testing", constantly improving torture techniques to improve kill ratios.  This is a slow kill program used to silence political activists and people who think for themselves.  Targeted Individuals tend to be smarter than average, with 50% having earned Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees.  Victims are first discredited with phony psychiatric illness or falsely jailed for bogus crimes and then tortured psychologically and physically with electromagnetic weapons until they die.   

thugs now rule all over this country.  The same thugs who were the juvenile delinquents and are now sociopathic and psychopathic adults, are now using classified military directed energy weapons on innocent American Citizens.  We are a nation of laws and rights, but you would never know it from the observing the impunity with which the hired thugs are going about attacking, maiming and murdering American Citizens in there homes, via Menticide and genocide.  The amazing thing is that although the handler may be a member of society, they are in fact psychopathic or sociopathic in nature, because only a person with such a personality disorder (aka mental illness), could torture someone as they do.  You can see this by imagining that you took the job they have and must torture the targeted individual doing torture tolerance testing with electromagnetic weapons.  The result would be that a normal person with normal empathy would be psychologically injured with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).  Psychopathic people, on the other hand have no empathy and view all people as objects, and the people they torture are in effect the same to them as paper targets.  There is no care for them as people, no empathy for suffering and no care about harm done to the victim, ever.  To be a psychopath is to never have to feel guilty or sorry for anything, ever.  Think about that for a minute and you will see why they were chosen specifically for their characteristic psychopathy.

I have a directional meter and am measuring electromagnetic radiation entering my home and me, from the North east and South east today.  These thugs have to gang  up on one old man.  I am 61 years old and live on a fixed income.  There is a conservative estimate of 50 thousand Targeted Individuals all with the same symptoms and targeted harassment by these handlers with directed energy weapons and organized stalking and psychological abuse by the bogus perpetrators.  The number of handlers is 200 thousand (4 times the number of Targeted individuals because they work in shifts).  The number of organized stalkers (paid and coerced) is 500 thousand (I have been harassed by up to a dozen stalkers at one time).  I have also been falsely accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, while paying rent to rent a room in a womans house.  I was kept in jail for 45 days after which I was released without charge.  The woman planned this and stole all my possessions (worth $75k) which she agreed to store.  The police reported to me that the woman said I sold everything before I was arrested and told me I would have to sue her, because now it is a civil matter.  Her house was full of my antique furniture, which remained after I sold my 2100 sq. ft. house in Cape Coral FL..  Now Google my name (James F Lico) and you will see a mug shot from my incarceration.  This is on a private web site, not police and they want $500. extortion to remove it.  In addition, I paid $6200. in legal fees.  It is as if elder abuse were not a crime and the police would not investigate my complaint.

The people of America are taken in by these hired thugs who represent themselves as official military contractors or agents of the government.  They are hired by a small rogue contingent of the government, who if it was made clear to the American people that this was going on they would be immediately arrested.   The public is mostly told the targeted individuals are being monitored, but they withhold the brutal truth,  which is the targeted individual is being tortured to death.

As for me, I am a 61 year old man living in Big Bear City.  The reason I am writing to you today is because I am under 24/7 surveillance and tortured with electromagnetic radiation from classified military grade Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) since July of 2010.  This torture happens mostly inside my home remotely, taking the victim out of the lab and into the victims living-room (costs associated with upkeep, medical and final disposal are zero for the perpetrator).  In addition the same thing follows me any place I go in the country.  Further, I am a victim of organized stalking, as directed and orchestrated by the same handler. 

 I am not a crackpot and I do know what I am talking about.  I have college degrees in computer science, biology and electronics.  I am not talking about mysterious theories.  The technology used has been in use for at least 20+ years and is all off the shelf hardware.

I am a member of the human rights organization: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. Please copy/paste link in browser :

Link to Dr. Robert Duncan's book (copy/paste in browser)

Link to open letter to 15 thousand officials throughout the U.S. (copy/paste in browser)
 There are tens of thousands of people in this country being subjected to the same treatment of torture as I am and they are called Targeted Individuals all with identical symptoms.

This does not come as a big surprise to many people who know about this system of barbaric and inhumane physical and mental torture.   This program of physical and psychological torture is done for the purpose of "Torture Tolerance Testing", where the goal is to break the target financially, mentally and physically, until the target either kills him/her self, or dies from induced illness, stroke, heart attack or cancer.  This in no way can be considered research, medical or otherwise.  The use of torture is illegal, therefore making this program a human rights violation.  Only a tyrannical and nonfunctional Government would view it otherwise.

Dr. Robert Duncan is an engineer and former DOD, NSA and CIA  engineer who worked on the project and knows how it works.  He has written two books on the subject.  I am submitting a link to a free ebook called "The Matrix Deciphered", which will explain any or all of the program to you.  Again, the torture used is a combination of Organized stalking and DEW abuse.

The weapons I am talking about are classified, military Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).  They are satellite based and cell phone tower based and also there are hand held versions.  The ones that are in cell phone towers are nation wide, but more specifically, they are contained in cell phone towers within Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake.

To sum up:
*) The weapons are operated by a person called a handler directing their operation over the Internet through software designed for that purpose.  The handler also directs the organized stalking operations and the calling of business  to which the targeted individual may need to patronize during their day.

 *) The handler will sit for hours behind a computer monitor directing the weapon personally to target and torture American Citizens living in and traveling into and through your communities.  

*) The handler can be anywhere on the Internet, but is usually a member of the community in which the Targeted Individual lives so he/she can direct all aspects of harassing and torturing the target.

*) This handler, because of the nature of personally inflicting pain and suffering on a target, has the characteristic of psychopathic personality disorder or sociopathic personality disorder.  Therefore the target is seen as an object like paper target and causes no emotion. 

*) A normal person with normal empathy would be psychologically injured by inflicting torture directly on another human being.  In addition Psychopathic personalities often take perverse sadistic sexual pleasure in their work and therefore actually enjoy inflicting pain on others, which should convey the possibilities for excess built into the system.

*) The ultimate outcome for all targeted individuals by this slow kill program is death by inducement to suicide, cancer, stroke, heart attack, of which these are deemed death by natural causes.

The weapons are in numerous networked cell phone towers all across America, along with legitimate cell phone transceivers.  They are also in satellites, orbiting the globe and there are a multitude of handlers with hand held weapons, who operate them from their houses.  So you can see that the targeted individual is never without the ever present 24/7 torture by electromagnetic weapons.

Reporting and dealing with this crime should not be a problem in a normal functioning society.  Because this is a crime against humanity.  People must make their own decision of whether to confront the handler and expose the truth or continue to victimize the targeted individual, thereby contributing to the crime perpetrated against them.  Also, remember, the perpetrators are paid very well, with tax dollars.

One final thought is that the handlers have been told they will have immunity from prosecution, which is unreasonable.  However, for the sake of argument, supposing they are offered immunity of prosecution under the law.  They will still be immune from prosecution in the court of public opinion which is always in session.  Handlers should rightfully be treated the same as sex offenders, having to register wherever they go.  There is an inherent comparison of them to sex offenders already, because to injure children sexually, it can be seen that the sex offender must also have psychopathic personality disorder in order to injure and scar a child for life, feeling no remorse as they can't seem to help repeating and perpetrating the same crime over again, if left unchecked..  

Sincerely Yours,

James F Lico
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