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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Targeted Individual description of my targeting

By: James Francis Lico
I just finished regestering with (European Coalition Against Covert Harassment).  This sounds very promising as a means of networking and collectivizing our numbers into a cohesive unit for increasing our collective voices.
I learned of this by watching an informative video
EU Panel: Human robotization, Nano implant technologies, Mind control slavery, Neurological weapons torture, Gang stalking -- The "Transhumanist Agenda"
Panel: Magnus Olsson, Dr. Henning Witte, and Melanie Vritschan from the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment with Alfred Lambremont Webre

Following is a description of my targeting:
I believe I was first targeted when I worked for Lockheed Martin Marietta between 1990 to 1995,  at the Portsmouth uranium gaseous diffusion plant in Piketon, OH.  I was drugged in the infirmary by a nurse and gang stalked by security and other employees at the request of security.  I had a handler and no one was allowed to talk to me but the handler.  However, the physical torture did not begin until 2010.

I have organized stalking; also, I am under torture tolerance testing with microwaves, scalar waves that seems to be a beam, like a sonic beam of energy that can tuned to resonate with different parts of my body to cause intense pain and inflammation. The perpetrators tune this weapon to my knee joints, brain, hand joints, spine, intestines, lungs, heart, throat, etc. The pain can be very intense or merely uncomfortable.  The torturers like to beam my heart to make it stop momentarily or skip beats.  They also do something to make me out of breath and can also make my heart race or burdened so that it has to work harder, increasing blood pressure.  The pain of this beam is noticeable immediately and seems to heat tissue from inside, leaving the outside unscathed.

In addition, I receive chemical attacks, coupled with microwaves, which I believe are coupled with cyclotronic resonance.  I believe the chemical is put in my house and is ubiquitous really.  I have undergraduate degrees in biology, electronics and computer science and so I make observations.  I believe the perpetrators use a form of microwave plasma, Atmospheric chemical vapor deposition (ACVD) to deposit the toxin from a depot location onto the TI's body.  This chemical increases the conductivity due to microwave radiation between points of toxin location on the body.

Toxin is also placed in the food and when ingested, provides conductivity within the colon to cause internal damage.  Chemical is deposited in the eyes, mans scrotum and scalp mostly because of quick pathways into the bloodstream and as conductivity conduit pathways for current to travel to other parts of the body where the toxin electrolyte is applied.  Most people do not notice the toxin, which can go through clothing to be deposited on the body.

Lately, I have two or three torturing me at a time, which I can tell from my directional meter.  I have had scalar/sonic beam to the face, so powerful that I heard at least one molar crack loudly and my facial muscles sagged for several days as if I had a stroke.  I had my stomach muscles beamed and burned so that I was doubled over and sick with pain for days after.  My knee joints seem to be a favorite, last week my left knee joint was burned while I was taking a walk around the block.  The torturer seems to accomplish this by putting the beam where he knows I will pass, burning me as I pass the beam.

This scalar/sonic beam is a lethal weapon, because the torturer can turn up the intensity/amplitude of a beam resonating on a body part and I am sure it were aimed at my heart it would kill instantly.  It heats the resonated body part in proportion to the amplitude of the signal.

Usually though, the pain is inflicted to cause immediate pain and gratification to the torturer.  The torturers like to see a reaction and will continue ramping up until they get a reaction.

Thank you for taking time to read this and also thank you for helping TI's

James Francis Lico
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