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Friday, April 25, 2014

NTT Torture Log for 4-20 to 4-25-14

America has a tremendous sociopath problem.  People who used to be restrained by the threat of law, now run rampant. In order to reign them in, we must broadcast their names and addresses world wide so they can never escape, are never alone and will never have peace once they have proved themselves to be torturers of men.  At least one whole generation of our young people has been exposed unrestrained crime against their fellow man.
Some of the neighbors around me at 310 xyz blvd have been given and are using directed energy weapons to target me.  I will publish their residences and later their names when i have ascertained where they live exactly.  I have an directional EMF meter which shows me exactly where these death signals are coming from.  I am coming to see that the people who do this are predatory malignant narcissists 

Algona WA is a small town and probably people know each other.  Felicity knows the local police officers and she says we can have one come over for a talk.  This will be good to identify the perps for them.  I am sure they dont know who the trouble makers are yet and when I find out I can tell them.  I am not sure about my guns.  I may get them back because there was not any problem with them.  Felicity know one of the officers and says they are very friendly.  I am looking forward to speaking with them.  The trick is to keep calm and tell what you know in an organized way.  I find that many people already know about the torture targeting and police would consider it a crime.  Eventually it will be a crime and the police will be tasked with targeting back if they are not already.  

Sunday 4/20
A person who lives at 300 xyz Blvd. Algona WA 98001 is one of the local residents who is being monitored for targeting me with Directed Energy Weapons.  He/She can see me and watches me all hours of the day with Targeting assisted thermal imaging software.  I notice that this person watches me in the shower and targets my penis and testicles with ELF waves.

Mon. 4/21
300 xyz blvd. is a torture signal direction which I am almost ready to identify as handler.  I am 90% sure but I will do some more testing first.  I don't want to risk making an incorrect identification.  All my communication is compromised by them and they are watching me and everything i do.  one shitty thing they are doing is beaming my foot or toes as I walk by to injure my toes or ankles or whatever joint is targeted.  These attacks are designed to seem like i am having joint pain.  Also my back and kidney (left) or muscle in that area is being beamed.  This is so much like human experimentation.  These creeps will have to be reigned in SOMEHOW and in SOMEWAY.  they think they are omnipotent like a super spy because they are being paid to torture/kill me.  only a moron would take such a job to be an anti patriot or traitor.  one thing i know i can do is tell everyone where and who they are.  their cover is blown and everything they do is analyzed and reported.  this is no spy.  they are covert, but only because they stubbornly refuse to stop torturing the neighbor even if the neighbor knows about them.  This person is a dumb head.  He has nothing left but greed.  he wants to keep getting money and for this he will continue to prostitute him/her self for the government. If they looked at the consequences of their actions they would not do it.  the motivations are immediate gratification, money, greed, please the boss type stuff.  Even their boss would never hire this person again so they are not thinking to clearly.

Tues. 4/22/14 @10:39pm  I am being radiated with microwave radiation from a cell tower at 30degrees  coming from SE.  I may be able to see it when i get my binoculars or maybe i can drive to it.

Friday, 25 April 2014 today below my lower left rib cage is being beamed.  I am talking about a muscle in that area which they are accessing constantly and holding onto it.  I would say they are locking onto this muscle.  it feels like i have a stitch or Charlie horse there.  Also, the beam appears to be going through my body before it locks onto the muscle.
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