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Thursday, April 3, 2014

NTT torture log for 04-03-2014

Thurs. 6:31pm I am sitting at home and being tortured with a beam to my brain.  The handler is causing inflammation and thermal expansion to my brain.  This is extremely painful and I ask the handler if he has ever experienced this.  The handler can hear what I say and see what i see, but they don't talk to me.  I guess they think hurting American Citizens in their homes is fun.  The United States Government turned over the use of Non Lethal Weapons to the Department of Justice who in turn gave them to Law Enforcement and some private companies to use.  When you consider that a person must have psychopathic tendencies to hurt people with these weapons, what does that say about our government.

I just moved here from my apartment in Seattle, where I was tortured and made to leave by the local residents.  The police were called on me twice and county social workers were called on me twice.  Each time they found nothing wrong and left without incident.  These people use the police and psychiatric to subjugate TI's.   Now I moved to 331 Main Street in Algona WA.  Some of the neighbors are torturing me with DEW energy weapons here.  They were prepared for me because everything about me is put in my human trafficking file.  These handlers get large payments for this.  The government calls it Clandestine Continuous Tagging, Tracking and Locating.  they did this in Iraq and Afghanistan to track down and kill local dissidents.  Here in America they are doing this to private citizens to test energy weapon capabilities.

I have degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology, Biology and Computer Science along with experience in the field which allows me to make educated observations concerning my torture and the people who are doing this to me.  I have a directional meter which shows me the direction of the torture signals.  I have found that the handlers who torture, are usually your neighbors.  It is not necessary for them to be near me as they could be any place in the world on the internet.  However, I have noticed that neighbors do this torture to me because they are able to coordinate with their local people on the ground and know the local venders.  The local people don't know them however, for if they knew they were torturing people in their own homes, I don't believe they would participate.  I will be publishing the names of local towns people as they make themselves known to me.  The last i checked, the energy beam torturing me is coming from a satellite which is anonymous.  
Some people involved, have portable DE weapons in their houses and in that case individuals involved can be identified.

Regular people are told some story about their job and surveilling citizens in their homes.  I think they are told it is for the greater good.  It is a lie however, and the handlers are torturing and slowly killing these human trafficking victims.  People buy into the basic lie that it is for national security and are told only enough to get them to go along.  Some of this is from go along to get along.  Look at the following links about this torture.

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