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Monday, April 7, 2014

NTT Torture Log For Sun. 4-6 to 4-7-14

all day attacking the joints in my hands (thumbs mainly), thighs, penis, lower abdomen.  My hands felt
like they had been worked over with a hammer.  handler was operating from SE with a portable weapon at ground level.  The injuries feel like torture to the TI's but they really are weapons testing for Air Force Contracts.

7:00pm shift change
This handler is operating from SW.  I will use a rough estimate now and refine to personal data when that information becomes available.
my heart is being interrupted every 5 to 10 seconds by the handler.  That is he is using an ELF beam to interupt the normal beating and then when it goes into fibrillation, the beam is turned off.  This deadly attack is a common one, causing stress and fear.  Radiation of the heart is  probably a contractual requirement for the final deliverable.  We need to interogate one of these criminals to get access to the database.
I need a partner to further isolate his baseO.

2:21am I have been radiated all night with ELF radiation to my feet and hands.  My hands ache and right wrist aches.  holding anything in my right hand is uncomfortable.  My intestines are being radiated and this produces copious amounts of gas usually.
  As I am writing this the toes of my right foot are being ELFd.  The person doing this knows it is painful and therefor must be psychopathic.

direction of weapons are Horz. to ground.  The house faces ENE and not East (see marked map)
SAT to NNE 10deg from verticle

3:36am ELF beam to base of spine (tail bone) this is painful and is usually done as a punishment if the handler is angry.  It causes me to feel sick or ill at ease.

7:00pm signal ESE sat
301 or 210 or 208 3rd

9:51pm handler in house on 3rd Ave is beaming me under my but as I sit at a computer working.  He is trying for pain and he very much likes his work.  To this person, this is not just a job, but a fever dream come true.  I drove my care to the area and found two possible sources : 301 or *208* or 210 3rd ave.  I can't be sure of the location yet.

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