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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


First I want to thank you for your work in keeping social security, medicare and medicaid going in the face of hard to comprehend strong arm tactics of republicans. 

Now I would like to make you aware of a problem I and I have found that thousands of others have too.   I also see that there are many of us targeted individuals  that have been targeted primarily because they are politically incorrect.  Personally I think of myself as politically correct, and it is the republicans that are politically incorrect.  But that is not the way they see it.  The republicans  sure know how to cause class warfare.  Now however, I think they have crossed the line into CIVIL WARFARE by bringing this technology to bear on the people of our country.  I believe I have been targeted by right wing extremists  and wish you would please read what I wrote below.

Thank You
James F Lico  


The reason I am writing you is because my plight and symptoms are typical of the group of Americans known as targeted individuals, who have no rights and no voice.  That is because "targeted individuals" in this country,  must remain silent about their plight, for if they complain, they are labeled as mentally impaired and their story is dismissed as a mental issue and not taken seriously.  Targeted Individuals in the United States are unrecognized as as having even basic  human rights with regard to this issue.  This is because no one will admit that we exist, because the perpetrators are not visible.  

My name is James F Lico and I will be 60 years old on November 5th.  As I write this, I am under siege attack and cannot sleep.  I sold my house in May 2011 and am living off of the meager savings I have left.  I was laid off from my job in IT support, after 11 years of employment with the school district of Lee County FL in June of 2010.  I have an EEOC charge against my employer for age and disability  discrimination.  I have narcolepsy since childhood and hypertension which require medication and a doctors care, but no health insurance.  Because of the siege I am under, I must focus my attention and efforts on surviving and cannot get a job because then I would have to let my guard down.
In describing my plight as a targeted individual, I am also telling you the exact symptoms and complaints which thousands of other targeted individuals have.

President Obama has taken a very important step toward recognizing the problem by calling for his presidents commission on bioethics.  In theory this commission would tell him exactly are the prescient issues with bioethics that need to be recognized.  Then to follow up with congressional investigations toward eliminating bioethics issues.  The problem is that this could take years to come to fruition.  I estimate that I doI not have that long.  This electronic surveillance with distributed energy weapons is an attack which is also dubbed "SOFT KILL" by the military.  It is impossible to ignore it, due to the silent and aggressive nature.

Again, I am a targeted individual and have been since July of 2010.   I am under attack with electronic surveillance and harassment, from a well organized and well funded group of individuals with seemingly unlimited funding and cutting edge surveillance tools that are confidential military secret and still under development by the DOD and military.  I am talking about directed energy weapons DEW as developed at least in part under the auspices of DARPA. 

The directed energy weapon is the main problem with its microwave energy surveillance and harassment. The people behind this have targeted me for 24/7 surveillance and harassment.  This form of torture would have come under the category of mind control experimentation as determined by previous congressional investigation as in MKULTRA.  It is no longer a requirement that people have to come into a facility to be used for experimentation.  With this new technology, they can now be monitored round the clock in their own home.  There is no accounting to anyone and no worry about risk, because it is done without the persons consent.

There is a NeuroToxin poison that I am subject ed to in addition. The neurotoxin feels like stinging, similar to a fire-ant bite. It is delivered by the microwave technology accelerating it from a small cache, which is hidden somewhere in the vicinity.
some sociopathic people are ilnvolved with placing the poison at the request of the weapon operator.

I am convinced that the DEW (directed energy weapon) is used via satellite and also cell phone tower,placement. It is like radar and is directed like a beam of energy, much like a radar beam. It can lock onto your brain electronically.   

People who are targeted know they are targeted. On my youtube site you will find some videos featuring Dr. John Hall. I will share one with you but feel free to listen to any or all. 

Maybe the neurotoxin is specific to my area, but I think people just do not knowI of it. It is hard to fathom this can be done, just as the directed energy weapon is hard to fathom. I can see and understand the technology because of my education and background with electronics, biology and computers.

cut and paste the following link into your browser. Dr. Hall is right after the Iranian gentleman.  Doctors receive an automatic measure of respect and attention.  Dr. Hall explains what about the electronic surveillance and harassment.

There are thousands of TI's (targeted individuals).  There is a weapons operator, working in shifts, watching each TI.  Also there are many more sociopathic support personnel.  The support personnel are uneducated and are just being used.  The important ones are the weapons operators.  It is the weapons operators are in the key technical positions.

 There are so many support personnel that I wonder how nobody knows of this. I think police and the government know and if they don't know they should know and need to know.  The hierarchy seems to be local, with a few operators and many uneducated support personnel to help with logistics.

.It is imperative for targeted individuals to maintain their confidence in order to survive.  Maintaining confidence and a healthy psychological attitude can be elusive and a constant challenge.

The question of how this could happen in the first place comes up because weapons like these are secret and as such no one should know about or be using them without prior authorization.  However, They certainly are being used with impunity.

I am in a unique position to assist you by supplying information on request.  I am educated in biology, electronics and computer science, which is needed to put this new technology into perspective.  I can save you months of work in starting an investigation from scratch, because I am already here.

We should not have to live under a gun and fear because no one wants to recognize that the problem exists.  I need help now not later.   Please remember that the goal of this technology is to kill, not just surveil.   Even though it is under the LTL  aka Less Than Lethal umbrella, the DOD calls it SOFT KILL TECHNOLOGY.   

one more thing is that I keep my cool under pressure and in the face of adversity.  I would be glad to work with whoever to tell what is going on..  My educational background is
4 year bachelors in computer science
2 year associate in Biology
3 year Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology.

These people can see what I am typing so will make this last part quick
My phone number is 239-209-0535
if you need my help in this respect it will be my honor to serve.
thank you.

Thank You
James Lico

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