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Monday, October 29, 2012

Remember All The Perps (RAT Perps)

Remember All The Perps (RAT Perps)
others names for the program are :
remember all perps 
Enter this information into a log which may be a notebook or a computer.  The goal is to enter the information into a database for use nationally.
include photo
phone no. if available

why you believe it is a perp
include links .eg youtube video
If you see a perp, snap a picture and write it down
where, when, who
Where: is the place you Identified a perp
when: is the the date and time
who:  is the name
info:  address of the perp
why do you believe the person you saw is a perp.
what level is the perp (slave or handler or infiltrator)

Perps are various types
1)  organized stalkers are low level pawns.  They are used to find the TI and to harass the TI.  The weapon operator may have the perp put poison in the TI's car or where the TI is sitting in a restaurant for instance.  

2)  infiltrator agents  are anyone who acts primarily as an undercover agent.  This can be anyone, but they often use people who are TI's who have microwave auditory effect (MAE) or V2k.  They are there to find out information for the handler.  They may use psychological harassment at the request of the handler.   They infiltrate organizations and try to get to high level places within the organization.  Infiltrators may also be friends, family or co-workers, props the TI comes in contact with during the course of the day.  Props are people the TI usually or may encounter during daily activities.

3)  Usually the handler is the ringmaster and weapon operator, orchestrating the daily torture events that he will arrange for the TI to endure.  The handler is in communication with organized stalkers and infiltrator agents throughout the day.

I suspect that infiltrator agents are selected for the program and chipped to give them V2k or MAE.  They may or may not have been targeted.  It is also my believe that they are coerced via targeting, money or both to work for the Targeting program.  They may also be high level black ops agents working for one of the information gathering agencies.

Possible ID characteristics of Infiltrator agents.
  • usually have V2k only.  I am sure there are V2k targets who are not infiltrator agents and there is no way to tell the difference.
  • may or may not be targeted
  • may or may not be willing participants
  • Motivation for IA's is patriotism, personal reason, money, things of value or other control which the handler has like reduced targeting.
  •  Usually extreme ultra-conservative position when liberal position would be indicated.  I notice many suspected IA's on facebook and elsewhere who will tell that Barak Obama is a muslim or birther or how Obama is the worst president ever, echoing the Republican talking points.  If asked they usually will give some ridiculous answer which is hard to believe.  Sometimes they will have posts or links to propaganda.  I think this is important to the psychopaths in charge of the targeting program, to have a George Bush type president like Romney, because Obama may well stop the program.  There are many Republicans who know they are lying and I am not sure why Romney is doing so well.  He is an obvious liar   It may be that many Republicans and are blind to the truth. 

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